4 Beauty Devices That Will Help You Achieve That K-beauty Glow

4 Beauty Devices That Will Help You Achieve That K-beauty Glow

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By Sophie Hong on 04 Nov 2021
Senior Editor

Beauty devices are a mainstay of our skincare routines now. There are many skincare devices to choose from in the market now - from cleansing devices to LED light therapy to jade facial rollers for toning and sculpting. 

We got two women - writer and social media manager Elizabeth who spends a lot of time looking at screens, and digital marketer Atika who leads an active lifestyle and loves going for spin classes - to test out the uGlow Beauty Series from OSIM. Consisting of four beauty devices, this series is designed to cleanse, nourish, tone and hydrate your skin, as well as boost the efficacy of your skincare products.

  1. uGlow Cleanse Facial Cleansing Brush

    A 2-in-1 facial cleansing brush that's equipped with GlowSonic Cleanse Technology and  LED Light Therapy

  2. uGlow IonCare Galvanic Facial Device

    To draw out deeply lodged impurities and boost skincare product absorption with Ioncare technology

  3. uGlow Eye Beauty Eye Massager

    Uses Sonic Vibration Technology to diminish eye bags, fine lines and dark eye circles

  4. uGlow Mist Portable Facial Humidifier

    A 3-in-1 device which comes with a portable charger and compact mirror that delivers an instant hydration boost for radiant skin

Read on to find out just how effective the OSIM uGlow Beauty Series is, and how it works for two vastly different skin types!

Elizabeth Liew, 29, freelance writer and social media manager 

“I didn’t expect to enjoy using beauty devices so often, but the uGlow Beauty Series was really easy to incorporate into my simple skincare routine. I especially enjoyed using the uGlow Eye to massage my eye area - it’s such a treat at the end of a long and tiring day.” 

Skin concerns: Clogged pores and oily t-zone. 

Lifestyle: Constantly looking at screens for extended periods of time, so her eyes are often strained and tired. Because of her busy schedule, she prefers to stick to a simple, efficient skincare routine.

Current skincare routine: Uses a facial cleansing device to help get rid of clogged pores and puts on a sheet mask once a week. Occasionally uses eye creams and gels. 

osim-uglow-beauty-devices_uCleanse1Photo from GirlStyle Singapore

“The handle of the uGlow Cleanse made it easy to manoeuvre around my face, especially for areas that are difficult to reach, such as around my nose and chin. I got a more thorough cleanse compared to just using my fingers, and my skin felt softer and more supple.

I like how it also comes with LED light therapy so I can customise a targeted treatment based on my skin concerns - I use the red light setting most often to stimulate collagen production and help reduce inflammation since I have breakouts occasionally.

I used the uGlow IonCare with my toner and serum. The micro-vibrations from the device provided a gentle and relaxing massage and also helped my skin to absorb the skincare products better. I was really impressed with how the device only activates when it’s in contact with skin! I noticed that my skin is noticeably softer when I use the uGlow IonCare with my skincare.

I enjoyed using the uGlow Eye so much, it’s such a treat at the end of a tiring day. The heat and gentle vibrations instantly soothe my eye area, plus it also helps with eye cream absorption. My eye area definitely looks more rejuvenated after a week of use.

Initially, I wasn’t sure how effective the uGlow Mist would be because the mist is really fine and gentle. I brought it outdoors and found that it was quite a lifesaver on a hot day - the fine mist keeps my skin cool without any irritation and feels so refreshing. It definitely helped with maintaining hydration and also soothed itchy spots.” 

osim-uglow-beauty-devices_before after 1Photo from GirlStyle Singapore

“I’ve only used the uGlow Beauty Series for a week but I’m quite impressed so far. These devices were so easy to incorporate into my skincare regimen, and it felt like I was giving myself a mini facial at home - which is something we could all indulge in during these difficult times.

Since I haven’t really used devices (besides cleansing devices) before, I feel that the series as a whole is a pretty good introduction to skincare devices. I would say the cleanse and eye devices are better than others I’ve tried before!

My skin feels softer, cleaner and less oily. It’s easier to manage now and I don’t have breakouts as often as I used to.”

Atika Lim, 27, digital marketer

When it comes to ageing skin, I'm a big believer that prevention is better than cure. The OSIM uGlow devices boost the efficacy of my skincare by ensuring better product absorption, making sure that every step in my skincare routine counts!”

Skin concerns: Dehydrated and thinning skin. 

Lifestyle: Has a pretty active lifestyle, loves spinning classes and enjoys long walks out under the sun.

Current skincare routine: A multi-step Korean skincare routine, but on days when she feels lazy, she’ll just put on moisturiser after cleansing. Uses sunscreen regularly to prevent photo-ageing and avoids foundation or concealer because they worsen the dry patches on her skin. Does not use beauty devices (except for a face roller).

osim-uglow-beauty-devices_uGlow eyePhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

“The OSIM uGlow Cleanse did a thorough job with getting rid of dirt and impurities while remaining gentle on my thinning skin. I use it daily, and I find that it didn’t make my skin more sensitive. My skin felt really clean afterwards and I noticed fewer whiteheads. 

My eyes get a little puffy in the morning from my sinus, so I found the uGlow Eye helpful. With an adjustable warmth setting and micro-vibrations, it depuffs my eyes effectively.

To help with the absorption of my skincare products, I used the uGlow IonCare instead of tapping with my fingers. It made product application more effective and less messy for me. I first used the Cleanse program with a toner and cotton pad, which works by emitting positive ions to help draw out negatively-charged impurities, followed by the Nourish program with my serums, which uses negative ions to help push skincare ingredients into the deeper layers of my skin. 

And since I have dehydrated skin, I use the uGlow Mist before bed to keep my skin from drying out in an air-conditioned room. I love how compact this device is - it’ll definitely come in useful when travelling!”

osim-uglow-beauty-devices_before after 2Photo from GirlStyle Singapore

“My skin definitely felt cleaner after adding the uGlow Cleanse to my skincare routine. I noticed that my skin is much more hydrated, probably because the thorough cleansing helped to clear my clogged pores and allowed my skincare products to penetrate better. 

I don’t really use beauty devices because I find them a hassle, but my experience with the OSIM uGlow Beauty Series was fuss-free and it complements my skincare routine quite well.” 

Why you should try the OSIM uGlow Beauty Series 

Glowy, radiant skin can be achieved in just 4 simple steps without having to break the bank. Considering that you can cleanse, nourish, tone, hydrate and even treat your skin with LED light therapy with just four multi-functional devices, we think this range is definitely a value-for-money investment!

From our reviewers’ experience, the OSIM uGlow Beauty Series complements all sorts of skin types, lifestyles and any skincare routine seamlessly - from a comprehensive multi-step regimen to a minimalist 4-step routine. 

Plus, you’d also want to make sure that you’re optimising the performance of your skincare products - and these devices ensure that. And if you’re looking to do some early Christmas shopping, be it for yourself or a loved one, OSIM is retailing the set at a special price for this period only.

Try out the OSIM uGlow Beauty Series for yourself!

Sign up for a free trial of the OSIM uGlow Beauty Series here and receive a FREE beauty sponge worth $19. The uGlow Beauty Series Set of 4 is now retailing at $299 (U.P. $536) for a limited time only. 

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