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GirlStyle Favourites: Gorgeous Purple Beauty Devices To Depuff Under Eye Bags, Boost Radiance & More

GirlStyle Favourites: Gorgeous Purple Beauty Devices To Depuff Under Eye Bags, Boost Radiance & More

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By Karmen on 28 Jul 2021
Digital Editor

As phone cameras and TVs are getting more advanced, so is the beauty technology industry. These days, we have easy access to clever beauty devices that can do it all. And now that we're back to phase 2, these devices are our best bet for a pampering beauty treatment in the the comfort of home.


We tried a variety of beauty devices in Singapore and our favourite is the gorgeous purple uGlow series by OSIM.

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The OSIM uGlow Beauty Series has been getting a lot of hype on social media and we were curious to know if it lived up to them. Designed to maximise skincare products' effects, the series has four products to go with four steps of a typical beauty routine: cleanse, tone, eye treatment and moisturise.

First impressions of the devices were great, as they have a modern, minimalist design in a sophisticated purple that looks so pretty on a vanity. They're also small enough to fit in a mini bag for on-the-go beauty pick-me-ups.

OSIM uGlow pink Beauty gadgets singaporePhoto from OSIM

The first device to start with is the uGlow Cleanse (Now $129, U.P. $169), which has silicone bristles that vibrate 6000 pulses per minute to deep cleanse the skin and unclog pores.

With the vibration and warmth emitting from the chrome-finish ball, using this nifty device felt like getting a gentle facial massage that loosened up tense facial muscles and stimulated blood flow. The result was clean skin and a brighter complexion.


OSIM uGlow glowsonic cleanser beauty device singaporePhoto from OSIM

We also loved how there were different silicone brushes that could target different areas of the face. The thicker silicone bristles area works well for the oily T-zone area while the finer bristles can get into hard-to-reach areas like the sides of the nose.

It also has LED light therapy in three options for anti-ageing benefits, targeting acne and oiliness, and reducing melanin production for brighter skin.

The next step is the uGlow IonCare (Now $129, U.P. $169). This multi-tasking device helps enhance both cleansing and moisturising steps from the inside out through an innovative ion technology.

I used this with my holy grail micellar water cleanser, Bioderma Sensibio H2O, with a thin cotton pad. When the device is pressed on the skin, it emits positive ions and vibrates gently to draw out negatively charged skin deep impurities.

OSIM uGlow care galvanic facial device beauty gadgets signaporePhoto from OSIM

The device can also be used with a serum where it emits negative ions to push skincare ingredients into deeper skin layers.

Out of the four devices, the unanimous top pick of GirlStyle editors is the uGlow Eye (Now $99, U.P. $129). This sleek eye massager is designed to tackle and diminish the first signs of ageing like fine lines and dark eye circles.


OSIM uGlow eye vibrating massager beauty gadgets singaporePhoto from OSIM

It vibrates at over 8000 pulses per minute to simulate micro-tapping motions that promote eye cream absorption.

Our favourite part of this device is the warm sensation which feels relaxing and helps depuff tired eyes. It can even help soothe headaches. I cranked up the temperature to 43 to 45 degrees to massage my temples and it helped alleviate the tension.

The last step of the skincare routine is the uGlow Mist (Now $49, U.P. $69) a portable "face humidifier" that gives the skin a boost of hydration whenever you need it.

OSIM uGlow mist beauty gadgets singaporePhoto from OSIM

This comes handy when my skin feels tight and parched, and it isn't convenient for me to apply moisturiser with my hands. All there is to do is whip out this misting device and open it. A cool, fine mist will envelop the skin, reliving dryness and soothing the skin. It also doubles as a makeup mirror for touchups and hydration on the go.

You can shop the OSIM uGlow Beauty Series here:

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