7 Best Box Hair Dyes In Singapore: Prettiest Colours, Long-Lasting & Non-Drying Formulas

7 Best Box Hair Dyes In Singapore: Prettiest Colours, Long-Lasting & Non-Drying Formulas

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By Karmen on 04 Jul 2021
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A hint of colour to the hair, whatever shade it is, is like getting a mini makeover that subtly enhances your look. While a trip to the salon for a cut and dye job can easily set you back over 100 bucks, there are box dyes that'll give you similar results at a fraction of the price.

We've found the seven best box hair dyes in Singapore that offer gorgeous, even colour that lasts long and doesn't leave the hair damaged. They're also easy to use and all cost under $20.

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liese bubble milk tea brown box dyePhoto from Liese

This hair dye has a convenient shampoo-style application with a non-drip formula which makes it easy to apply. It turns into a thick foam that coats hair well and give it an even coverage. It contains lanolin acid, a moisturising ingredient to make the hair smoother and softer.

liese bubble milk tea brown box dyePhoto from Liese

One of the prettiest colours from the Natural range is Milk Tea Brown. True to its name, this hair dye gives the hair a bright, milk tea-like shade looks uber-sweet and feminine.

Get it here -> shopee.sg

MISE-EN-SCÈNE Hello Bubble 7K Ash Khaki Brown box dyePhoto from Mise-en-scène

It might be because of BlackPink, but Mise-en-scène's Hello Bubble range has been getting a lot of hype these days. One of the most popular ones is Khaki Brown, a hair dye that gives tresses a unique, cool-toned ashy brown hue.

This is another easy-to-use foam formula that applies like a shampoo. It's ammonia-free which makes it gentler on the hair. It also has a Secret Magic Oil and low peroxide so that the hair stays soft.

Get it here -> watsons.com

asian woman with rose pink hair Cielo Designing Color box dye singaporePhoto from Cielo

Formulated with shea butter, jojoba oil and olive oil, this hair dye keeps the hair soft and hydrated while brightening it.

This range has eight trendy colours including Rose Pink, which will give dark hair a subtle warm reddish-pink look.

Get it here -> shopee.sg

beautylabo whip box dye sakura pinkPhoto from Beautylabo

After some vigorous shaking, this dye mixture turns into an airy and lightweight foam that gives the hair a natural, even colour.

With honey, fruit and plant-based moisturising ingredients, the hair dye doesn't dry out the hair too much. It also contains ingredients like Theanine and Taurine to help the hair colour last longer.

japanese girl with sakura pink hair with beautylabo whip box dyePhoto from Beautylabo

Try Sakura Pink for hair that has a tinge of pinkish-brown colour that's suitable for the office.

Get it here -> shopee.sg


Etude House Hot Style Bubble Hair Colouring - Khaki BrownPhoto from Etude House

This ammonia-free hair dye foams up into a thick, dense lather that's easy to work with.

It also comes with a hair ampoule that's formulated with nourishing ingredients like lavender flower water, sunflower seed oil and royal jelly extract.

Etude House Hot Style Bubble hair colour box dye khaki brownPhoto from Etude House

If you like the idea of ashy colours but want to stay in your comfort zone, try the Khaki Brown colour. It will give natural black hair a subtle ash-toned brown.

Get it here -> shopee.sg

Revlon ColorSilk Urban Style Hair Color - Chestnut MochiPhoto from Revlon

This ammonia-free hair dye has a blend of keratin and silk amino acid to give the hair a shiny and smooth look. It also uses 3D gel technology to give the hair a natural and multi-dimensional finish.

Revlon ColorSilk Urban Style Hair Color Chestnut Mochi asian womanPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

Try Chestnut Mochi, a warm brown that's flattering on most skin tones.

Check out our review of this hair dye here.

Get it here -> shopee.sg

L'Oreal Paris Excellence Hair Colour Hair Dye - Mahogany Copper BrownPhoto from L'Oreal

This hair dye range is particularly suitable for covering grey hair but is also great for giving all hair types a rich, radiant colour.

It contains pro-keratin complex, ionene D and ceramide to protect and smooth the hair. It also comes with a protecting serum to apply before dyeing, and a conditioning balm for aftercare.

For a wearable and flattering hair colour isn't just a flat brown shade, try Mahogany Copper Brown. It gives the hair a natural-looking brown with a reddish undertone.

There's also a new ash range of this hair dye, find out more about it here.

Get it here -> shopee.sg

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