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Trending Chanel Factory 5 Limited Edition Collection Now In Singapore, Includes Fragrances & Body Care

Trending Chanel Factory 5 Limited Edition Collection Now In Singapore, Includes Fragrances & Body Care

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By Wei Yin on 16 Jul 2021
Digital Editor

Chanel's latest Factory 5 Collection has been making waves on social media platforms for its sleek, minimalist all-white packaging and the good news is it's now available in Singapore!

This limited edition collection celebrates 100 years of the iconic N°5 fragrance, and boasts 17 everyday products that have been turned into luxury items.

Check them out below!

#1 N°5 The Body Oil

N°5 The Body OilPhoto from Chanel

A body oil with a rich and comfortable texture that leaves the skin smooth and hydrated. It can be used on the hair too for nourished, shiny and soft locks.

Suggested retail price: $132

#2 N°5 The Shower Gel 

N°5 The Body OilPhoto from Chanel

Includes 20 cartons of creamy, foaming shower gel in a white tin that reminds us of a can of paint. You can even use the tin to store other knick knacks once you are done with the shower gels!

Suggested retail price: $103

#3 N°5 The Bath Tablets

N°5 The Bath TabletsPhoto from Chanel

10 individually wrapped bath tablets packaged in a tea tin. Use one to scent your bath water - perfect for any upcoming staycations.

Suggested retail price: $103

#4 N°5 The Body Cream

N°5 The Body CreamPhoto from Chanel

The body cream has a rich texture that leaves the skin soft and moisturised, using a hydrating active ingredient derived from rose and jasmine.

Suggested retail price: $134

#5 N°5 The Body Lotion

N°5 The Body LotionPhoto from Chanel

A light and airy body lotion great for Singapore's humid weather.

Suggested retail price: $105

#6 N°5 The Mystery Box

N°5 The Mystery BoxPhoto from Chanel

This hand care kit includes a hand cream, storage pouch, towel that unfolds on contact with water, and white nail file in a black felt sleeve - everything you need for a pampering manicure at home.

Suggested retail price: $104

#7 N°5 The Soap

N°5 The SoapPhoto from Chanel

A bar soap that produces a light, creamy lather.

Suggested retail price: $77

#8 N°5 The Shower Gel (refillable bottle)

N°5 The Shower Gel (refillable bottle)Photo from Chanel

The shower gel comes packaged in a 500ml bottle so you can reuse it over and over again.

Suggested retail price: $108

#9 N°5 The Sparkling Body Gel

N°5 The Sparkling Body GelPhoto from Chanel

This scented body gel has sparkles in it so your skin looks and smells good.

Suggested retail price: $132

#10 N°5 The Body Lotion (travel-friendly tubes)


N°5 The Body Lotion (travel-friendly tubes)Photo from Chanel

Contains five travel-friendly tubes so you can bring one out to use on-the-go.

Suggested retail price: $105

#11 N°5 The Shower Gel (travel-friendly tubes)

N°5 The Body Lotion (travel-friendly tubes)Photo from Chanel

Great as gifts or get them for yourself so you can bring a tube with you on staycations.

Suggested retail price: $80

#12 N°5 Eau De Parfum Spray

N°5 Eau De Parfum SprayPhoto from Chanel

The limited edition N°5 bottle is encased in a white blister pack made of a velvet-like material that is pleasing to the touch.

Suggested retail price: $253

#13 N°5 L'eau Spray

N°5 L'eau SprayPhoto from Chanel

Such a gorgeous bottle and packaging that will fit right into your room's decor.

Suggested retail price: $253

#14 N°5 L'eau Purse Spray

N°5 L'eau Purse SprayPhoto from Chanel

The purse spray's packaging reminds us of Chanel lipsticks. The small size makes it easy to bring out so you can smell fresh all day long.

Suggested retail price: $80

#15 N°5 L'eau Purse Spray Refills 

N°5 L'eau Purse Spray Refills Photo from Chanel

Three refills to last you as long as possible.

Suggested retail price: $126

#16 N°5 Bottle

N°5 BottlePhoto from Chanel

This glass bottle can hold 590ml of liquid and the label adopts the same chic visual as the N°5 perfume bottle.

Suggested retail price: $111

#17 N°5 Decorative Tape

N°5 Decorative TapePhoto from Chanel

Decorate your planner, letters and more with these five rolls of black and white tape with the N°5 bottle silhouette adorning them.

Suggested retail price: $85

Where to get the CHANEL Factory 5 Collection in Singapore

Chanel N°5 bottlePhoto from Chanel

The CHANEL Factory 5 Collection is available at these Chanel boutiques in Singapore: Marina Bay Sands, ION Orchard, Raffles City, Jem and VivoCity.

Head down soon before they are all sold out!

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