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GirlStyle Favourites: 8 Best Sunscreens In Singapore To Protect Your Skin From Harmful UV Rays

GirlStyle Favourites: 8 Best Sunscreens In Singapore To Protect Your Skin From Harmful UV Rays

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By Rachel Yohannan on 30 Jun 2021
Senior Digital Editor

Sunscreens come in a whole myriad of types and forms, but one thing’s for certain in this sunny island of Singapore: They’re not something we can go without if we want to keep our skin free of fine lines, wrinkles, and other symptoms of photoageing! In this first edition of GirlStyle Favourites - a monthly beauty series where we try out beauty products and highlight only the best - we’ve shortlisted the best sunscreens in Singapore for various skin types.


This includes picks for oily skin and dry skin, as well as tinted and oral options. They range over different price points too, so there’s indeed something for every budget.

Read on to check out the best sunscreens in Singapore!

- Best sunscreens for oily skin -

Bioderma - Photoderm MAX Aquafluide SPF50+ ($34.47)

Bioderma Photoderm MAX Aquafluide Singapore reviewPhoto from Bioderma

Many sunscreens tend to feel thick and leave a greasy residue on the skin, but not the Bioderma Photoderm MAX Aquafluide SPF50+. While providing high coverage against UVA/UVB rays, it provides a non-oily, matte finish that doesn’t budge even in humid weather thanks to its water resistance.

Other than having oily skin, I’m prone to breakouts and redness as my skin is easily irritated, but thankfully this sunscreen didn’t cause any acne flare-ups or clog my pores even though I slathered on a good amount each time. This is likely due to the fact that the formula is non-comedogenic and unfragranced, so those with sensitive skin can also use it without worries.


Price: From $34.47
Get it from Bioderma’s official Shopee Mall store ($35.91) or LazMall store ($34.47).

Senka - Perfect UV Gel ($16.90)

Senka Perfect UV Gel review SingaporePhoto from Senka


Instead of the usual opaque creamy texture, Senka Perfect UV Gel has an uber lightweight gel-like formula, as its name suggests. This allows it to glide effortlessly onto the skin, and it’s absorbed in a matter of seconds - leaving a cooling, comfortable sensation that feels dry to the touch with no white cast. With its SPF 50+ and PA++++ broad-spectrum protection, this is great for daily wear in any sort of environment.

The price point is also very wallet-friendly, which goes to show that you don’t necessarily have to spend a bomb for something that works!

- Best tinted sunscreens -



Eau Thermale Avène - B-Protect SPF 50+ ($49.90)

Eau Thermale Avène B-Protect SPF 50+ Singapore reviewPhoto from Eau Thermale Avène

I was initially puzzled when I first squeezed out the Avene B-Protect SPF 50+ sunscreen onto my fingers, for despite being touted as a tinted sunblock, it came out opaque white. But the magic finally happened once I smoothed it onto my face, where I noticed that the colour pigments morphed to match my own skin tone.

While sunscreens tend to leave a white cast on my tan skin, this blended perfectly with my natural complexion, leaving a smooth blurring veil that evened out the appearance of my pores.

Eau Thermale Avène B-Protect SPF 50+ Singapore reviewPhoto from Eau Thermale Avène

Despite having a dewy, hydrating feel, this sunscreen remained matte on my oily skin and didn’t feel heavy. While protecting your skin from UVA and UVB, it also fights off free radicals with its antioxidant properties, which helps maintain youthfulness.

Price: $49.90
Get it from Watsons


HERA - Sun Mate Excellence Rosy Glow ($58)

HERA Sun Mate Excellence Rosy Glow review SingaporePhoto from HERA

The HERA Sun Mate Excellence Rosy Glow ($58) tinted sunscreen does live up to its name by giving one’s skin a radiant sheen. The lightweight moisturising SPF 50+ PA++++ formula melts nicely into the skin, giving it a lustrousness that makes it appear to glow from within. Infused with a mix of botanical extracts, it comes with wrinkle-fighting and brightening properties that reduce dark spots. Plus, it has a lovely floral-esque scent!

I loved how this sunscreen brightened up my complexion, though I found that it didn’t exactly match my skin tone. If you’re fair-skinned, this can serve as light makeup for that “I woke up like this” look. But if you’re tan like I am, try having it double up as a primer/base, since it layers well under makeup. For casual days, a quick dusting of loose powder on top will suffice for a naturally flawless appearance.

Price: $58
Get it from Sephora or Hera’s local online store.

- Best sunscreens for dry skin -


ALLIE - Extra UV Gel ($29.90)


ALLIE Extra UV Gel review SingaporePhoto from ALLIE

Japanese brand ALLIE is relatively new to Singapore’s market but they’ve already racked up a steady following with their variety of sunscreens - including colour tuning, waterproof, and even mini-sized options with cute illustrations on the tubes. My colleague Wei Yin tried the ALLIE Extra UV Gel for dry skin, and had praises for its unique cream-to-gel texture that blended seamlessly into her skin.

With SPF 50+ PA++++, this sweat- and friction-proof sunscreen is suitable for both the face and body, and protects even the deeper layer of skin from intense UV rays. Free of fragrances and parabens, it won’t aggravate sensitive skin. The sizeable tube also means that it’ll last you a long time!

Price: $29.90
Get it from ALLIE’s official Shopee Mall store.

Sulwhasoo - UV Wise Brightening Multi Protector ($75)

Sulwhasoo UV Wise Brightening Multi Protector sunscreen review SingaporePhoto from Sulwhasoo

Wei Yin also tried the Creamy Glow version of the Sulwhasoo UV Wise Brightening Multi Protector, and according to her, this feels more like a light skin lotion than sunscreen - a good thing in her books since she doesn’t like overly rich, heavy formulas. It gave her skin a hydrating glow after application, and she found that it had a pleasant fragrance instead of that unmistakable, overbearing sunblock smell.

Other than providing moisture, this formula which includes Korean herbals is made to cool skin and prevent irritation caused by heat - perfect for Singapore’s hot and humid weather! It also blocks out micro dust particles so your skin won’t suffer from pollution-related damage.


There’s also a Milky Tone Up version that balances and brightens the skin tone, while offering blue light protection.

- Best oral sunscreens -

Astalift - White Shield Drink ($50)

Astalift White Shield Drink edible sunscreen review SingaporePhoto from GirlStyle SG

Upon starting on my first box, the Astalift White Shield Drink soon became something I looked forward to every morning - its yummy and refreshing peach-lemon flavour really perks me up at the start of the day!

Aside from uniform protection of harmful UV rays throughout the body, this drinkable sunblock also has hydrating properties and contains 1,200mg of Vitamin C to repair the skin. There’s no need to worry about your waistline either, as this is low in calories and doesn’t contain preservatives, artificial colouring and sugar. In fact, it aids in bowel movement for a good detox!

Check out our previous review on Astalift’s edible sunblock here.


Price: $50 for 10 bottles ($5 per bottle)
Get it from Astalift’s official Shopee Mall store.

Heliocare Oral ($57.15)

Heliocare Oral edible sunscreen SingaporePhoto from Heliocare

As someone born with more melanin, I don’t usually get sunburnt. However, this also means that I tan easily, and despite copiously applying liquid sunblock, the inevitable sight of multiple tan lines all over my shoulders, back, and arms after a day out in nature is something that I often struggle with - especially since I enjoy wearing strappy spaghetti tops when it’s hot out.

I first started taking Heliocare Oral capsules daily while working from home, and initially had no opinion - until I went for a full-day hike around the Southern Ridges. Despite baking in the sun for extended periods, there were no visible tanlines for me to mourn over, which proved the efficacy of these sunscreen tablets. My colleague also experienced similar positive effects after consuming this before a hiking trip, while her friends who only used topical sunblock ended up sunburnt!

Heliocare Oral sunscreen tablets SingaporePhoto from Heliocare

At first, I was worried that the Heliocare Oral sunscreen would cause gastrointestinal issues, but rest assured that there are none of such side effects. Perhaps the only downside is that you’ll have to remember to consume these sunscreen capsules at the proper intervals, and might have to carry them along with you in a pill case depending on your lifestyle habits.

Price: $57.15 for 60 capsules
Get it from Watson’s official Shopee Mall store.

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