I Tried Edible Sunscreen For Two Weeks And Here’s What Happened To My Skin

I Tried Edible Sunscreen For Two Weeks And Here’s What Happened To My Skin

By Karmen on 11 Sep 2020
Digital Editor

We all know that sunscreen is a must to keep our skin bright and smooth, prevent premature ageing and reduce risk of skin cancer caused by UV rays. What most of us don't know is that simply applying sunblock doesn't provide enough UV protection.

Long story short, I tried out edible and drinkable sunscreen. ?

Keep reading for my review of them and what my skin looked like after two weeks! 

Sunscreen breaks down when exposed to sunlight and can also wear off when we perspire. Even if we're indoors most of the day, UV rays can still pass though glass windows. That's why the rule is that we should reapply sunscreen every two hours for adequate UV protection. We're also supposed to apply about 30ml of sunscreen on the body every day.

Even though I was aware of this for a long time, I've never actually followed these rules. ?  Let's be honest, who has time to reapply sunscreen throughout the day especially with makeup on, or apply sunscreen on their entire body every single day? It's simply too much of a hassle.

I went for the more convenient solution and gave the ASTALIFT White Shield UV supplement and drink a try. These are designed to supplement topical sunscreen for more thorough UV protection.

First up is ASTALIFT White Shield Drink ($50) which comes in a box of 10 bottles.

ASTALIFT Drink White ShieldPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

The question you might have is: how does a drinkable sunscreen work? Well, ASTALIFT White Shield Drink contains 4mg of Nano Astaxanthin which minimises the damage caused by reactive oxygen species generated by UV radiation. In other words, it reinforces the body's internal ability to shield itself from the harmful effect of UV rays. This works on all the skin on the body, including nails and scalp.

The UV drink is also packed with vitamin C and pure collagen, a winning combination that has whitening, firming and moisturising benefits.

Simply give the bottle a shake and it's ready to drink!

hand shaking ASTALIFT Drink White Shield bottlePhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

What made me hesitate a little was thinking that it might taste like medicine. I took a cautious sip and was pleasantly surprised. This UV drink has a delicious peach and lemon flavour that I happily gulped down. If blindfolded, I'd think it was any other store-bought fruity drink. Another plus is that it's not overly sweet. Tip: keep the bottles in the refrigerator for an extra refreshing treat every morning. ?

asian woman drinking ASTALIFT Drink White ShieldPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

On days when I was in a rush to leave the house and skipped my morning drinkable sunscreen, I still had an edible sunscreen as backup. That is the new ASTALIFT White Shield 30-Day Pack Supplement ($66).

ASTALIFT White Shield 30-Day Pack SupplementPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

One dose (2 tablets) of these UV supplements contains 6mg of astaxanthin, the same ingredient in the drink, that helps the body protect itself from the effects of UV rays. It also contains beauty ingredients like lycopene, vitamins, polyphenol and collagen that keep skin radiant and smooth.

These UV supplements are convenient to carry around with me so I can take the tablets in the office or even on-the-go. It comes in a small resealable bag that can fit in my smallest mini bags.

glass of water and ASTALIFT White Shield 30-Day Pack Supplement tabletsPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

Both the ASTALIFT White Shield Drink and Supplement are fat-free and contain no added preservatives or artificial colouring. The calorie count is also low with 4kcal in two supplement tablets and 14kcal in each drink bottle.

Fast forward to two weeks later, my skin feels more hydrated and doesn't have that tight, dry feeling. I usually have rough and flaking skin on my cheeks and nose but my skin feels a lot smoother now with significantly less peeling. Even though I've been getting the same amount of sun exposure and didn't change my skincare routine, my skin tone looks a lot brighter and more even. ?‍♀️✨

asian woman skin after drinking ASTALIFT Drink White ShieldPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

Of course, this doesn't mean you can throw out your sunblock bottles. The ASTALIFT White Shield drink and supplement are designed to be used together with topical sunscreen. On top of beauty benefits like UV protection, brightening and hydration, both the drink and supplement also have health benefits. Collagen peptide maintains healthy bones, muscles and joints while astaxanthin improves endurance and exercise recovery.

Although I took both the UV Drink and Supplements interchangeably from day to day, you can just pick one of them depending on whether you prefer to "drink" or "eat" your sunscreen.

There's an ASTALIFT launch promotion in-store and online where you can get a 1 month's supply of the two products at 25% off!*

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