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FREEFLOW Is Singapore’s First LED-Based Photo Studio For Professional Portraits With An Edgy Twist

FREEFLOW Is Singapore’s First LED-Based Photo Studio For Professional Portraits With An Edgy Twist

Lifestyle Photography
By Rachel Yohannan on 31 Oct 2021
Senior Digital Editor

Self studios with shutter remotes are trending hard in Singapore, and there’s now even a 2-storey themed selfie studio with over 20 backdrops and 200 costumes. Snapping your own photos at such places is great fun, but sometimes, a professional touch is needed. Thus, “traditional” photo studios where a photographer does all the work including positioning and direction are still very much in demand. 


What comes to mind with regards to that is probably an all-white, formal-looking setup, but FREEFLOW is here to shake up your notions of what pro studio shots can be. Being Singapore’s first-ever LED-based photo studio, they’re here to give you stunning portraits with a colourful, edgy twist, all at reasonable prices.

Read on to find out more about FREEFLOW photography studio in Singapore!

Helmed by freelance photographer Benni Matchap (@benmatchap) - who has worked on editorial fashion shoots for magazines like Men's Folio and Buro - FREEFLOW photography studio is an inclusive space that welcomes anyone. It doesn’t matter whether you’d like to come in OTT makeup (drag included), crazy costumes, or even as an LGBT couple - this is a judgement-free zone where you can fully express yourself.


FREEFLOW Singapore LED photo studioPhoto from @freeflowsingapore ft. @jayefunk @nicholettepang

This goes in line with how, as a creative, Benni enjoys pushing boundaries of photography and giving visibility to oft-overlooked groups, such as minorities and those whose unique features and fashion styles don’t fit conventional beauty standards in Singapore.

Take a look at their personal Instagram account and you’ll see what we mean. It’s certainly a refreshing change, and while a single umbrella term won’t properly encapsulate what they do, we’d probably describe it as “Alternative with Harajuku influences and a touch of grunge”.

Recognise the badass babe above? Yep, it’s Kelly Kimberly, the transgender woman who recently went viral for her flying kick videos and successfully nabbed a role in Jack Neo’s upcoming “Ah Girls Go Army” movie.


FREEFLOW Singapore LED photo studioPhoto from @freeflowsingapore ft. @kitsunegami_ @chan.0307

FREEFLOW Singapore LED photo studioPhoto from @freeflowsingapore ft. @holo.saxual

FREEFLOW is a one-person show where everything from the LED light set-ups, to the photography, and post-processing is done by Benni. The studio actually comes with a plain white backdrop, and all the colours you see here are solely created using those RGB lights which Benni skillfully operates.

FREEFLOW Singapore LED photo studioPhoto from @freeflowsingapore ft. @ceilingloser

So far, the most popular shades seem to be pink and purple, with yellow and orange coming a close second. As for the exact number of colours available, it’s technically limitless, because the light pigments are mixed and matched to produce an optimum shade that best suits your outfit and personal preferences. The intensity of the lights can also be altered, from soft to full-on vivid.

FREEFLOW Singapore LED photo studioPhoto from @freeflowsingapore ft. @dipdyeshit


Recently, they’ve also added a special two-toned “halo” effect to their lineup - look how ethereal it is with medium blue and purple! This can transform to take on a whole different atmosphere depending on the colours used; Darker tones can bring about a more glamorous or moody “underground” vibe, based on your makeup, clothing, and accessories.

FREEFLOW Singapore LED photo studioPhoto from @freeflowsingapore ft. @moniqqz

The possibilities are endless and the limit is only as far as your own imagination goes. If you have any wacky themes in mind and wish to do a styled setup with your own props, Benni will be happy to help bring your vision to life, and perhaps even contribute some helpful suggestions with their expertise.

FREEFLOW Singapore LED photo studioPhoto from @freeflowsingapore ft. @andrawmeduh

Of course, if you’d like to go without the coloured lights and just let yourself shine against the plain white backdrop, that’s perfectly fine too. This would be a suitable option for those looking for professional headshots to use in their LinkedIn profiles, company pages, or online portfolio bios.

FREEFLOW is pet-friendly, so you can also head on down to capture some precious memories with your beloved furkid!

FREEFLOW is located within walking distance of Farrer Park MRT station. A 30-minute shoot for 1 outfit costs $50, while a 1-hour session for 2 outfits or a couple shoot costs $100. All prices are inclusive of editing. As Benni has a non-fixed schedule due to their freelance photography projects, you’ll have to make a prior appointment. Simply drop them a DM on Instagram to book a slot. 

FREEFLOW photography studio
Address: 140 Owen Road, Singapore 218940
Opening hours: By appointment only

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