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7 Self Photo Studios In Singapore For Aesthetic Couple Shoots, Great For A Group Of Friends Too

7 Self Photo Studios In Singapore For Aesthetic Couple Shoots, Great For A Group Of Friends Too

Lifestyle Photography
By Wei Yin on 02 Sep 2021
Digital Editor

Self photo studios are a trend hailing from Korea where K-pop celebs were seen taking photos with a shutter clicker in their hands, and have been all the rage in Singapore.


It's a great date and hangout activity for introverts especially, as there won't be a photographer on set - just you and bae, or friends! If you haven't had the chance to try it out, it's perhaps time to jump on the bandwagon and visit one of these seven self photo studios in Singapore soon.

Read on to find out more!

#1 Photobytes

Photobytes black and whitePhoto from Photobytes

While most self photo studios typically provide a white backdrop, Photobytes takes the experience up a notch with a selection of backdrops and themes to choose from!

Go for Dark Mood - with the classic black backdrop - if you want to channel those aesthetic, artsy vibes. Select from dark mood monochrome or dark mood colour.

Photobytes RGB color Photo from Photobytes


Prefer a coloured backdrop? Book RGB Color, where you will get to choose between red, green or blue - just like its name suggests. It's worthy to note that even the coloured backdrops come in muted shades, so there's no need to worry that you will stick out like a sore thumb against it.

Photobytes profile+Photo from Photobytes

The Profile+ option is great for individual portraits too! The soft grey backdrop will give your photos a classy look.

Photobytes TwilightPhoto from Photobytes

Last but not the least, Photobytes also has a Twilight theme where you can make your photos look like they were taken during golden hour! Choose from the sunset, violet or mixed options.

Take note that the number of printed photos you will receive depends on the theme you go with. There will be extra charges for an additional pax or pet, and for all the original files in soft copy.

Price: from $35 (15 minutes of unlimited shots + 15 minutes of photo selection)

Address: 61A Haji Lane Singapore, Singapore 189254
Opening hours: Weekdays 1pm - 10pm, Weekends 11am - 10pm
Instagram | Website (for bookings)


#2 Photopia

Photopia black and whitePhoto from Photopia

Photopia is conveniently located in Orchard Central - perfect for couples and besties who are looking for an activity idea after a day of shopping.

This no-frills self photo studio lets you choose between black and white or colourful rooms, each with a few types of backdrop options too.

Photopia black & white with black backdropPhoto from Photopia

You will get to select from three backdrops for the black and white room - white, black and grey.

Photopia colour roomsPhoto from Photopia

Colourful rooms will give you more choices with a total of five backdrops to choose from. This is a good option if you are looking to show off your #OOTD in the photos.


Photopia colourful room with beige backdropPhoto from Photopia

Each package comes with one backdrop of your choice, and two 4R prints and digital copies for two. Extra charges apply should there be an additional pax or if you wish to receive all digital copies.

Price: from $30 (15 minutes of unlimited shots + 15 minutes of photo selection)

Address: 181 Orchard Rd, #04-09 Orchard Central, Singapore 238896
Opening hours: Monday - Thursday 11am - 9pm, Friday - Sunday 10am - 10pm
Instagram | Website (for bookings)

#3 Newtro Studios

Newtro Studios pink backgroundPhoto from Newtro Studios

Newtro Studios, like its name suggests, aims to mix both new and retro by offering customers options for coloured or black and white photos. While self photo studios are becoming aplenty in Singapore, Newtro Studios stands out as it offers coloured backdrops in pastel shades - ladies are going to love them.

Newtro Studios blue backgroundPhoto from Newtro Studios


Try matching your outfit to the backdrop too!

Newtro Studios coloured photo grey backgroundPhoto from Newtro Studios

Of course, you can always opt for the backdrops in muted shades like grey for a sophisticated vibe in your photos. Simple props like balloons are provided, but feel free to bring your own, such as sunglasses or flowers to add pizzazz to your shots.

Newtro Studios' waiting area even comes equipped with a Nintendo Switch so you can play some games while waiting for your turn.

Newtro Studios black and white photoPhoto from Newtro Studios

Choose between black and white or colour, and you will get two 5R prints to bring home. Charges apply for an additional pax or pet, and if you want to keep all digital copies.

Students and military and medical personnel get 10% off too!

Price: from $35 (15 minutes of unlimited shots)


Address: 35 Selegie Road #10-10 Parklane Shopping Mall Singapore 188307
Opening hours: 11am - 9pm daily
Instagram | Website (for bookings)

#4 Blankbox

Blankbox green backdropPhoto from Blankbox

Blankbox is one of the best self photo studios to head to for glam photos. They have four coloured backdrops for you to choose from and even provide a variety of props so you can relax and have fun with posing!

Blankbox brown backdropPhoto from Blankbox

You can also make use of the dressing room to change into a different outfit for your photos.

Blankbox yellow backdrop Photo from Blankbox

There's no need to think twice if you are considering bringing your furkids along, as the large studio space will allow your pets to roam around freely.


Blankbox black and whitePhoto from Blankbox

Blankbox's package is also one of the most value-for-money options - their current September promo lets you bring up to 5 persons (must be fully vaccinated) including pets and all digital copies will be sent to you without any extra charges!

Price: $40 for September promo (15 minutes of unlimited shots)

Address: 7 Mandai Link, Block B #10-40 Mandai Connection, Singapore 728653
Opening hours: Monday - Saturday 9am - 8pm, Sunday 1pm - 8pm
Instagram (DM for bookings)

#5 Studio 03 Room

Studio 03 Room self photo studioPhoto from Studio 03 Room

Studio 03 Room has the most Korean feel in this entire list, as the owner is also the person behind Studio 03, the photo studio that does Korean-style IC, passport, and LinkedIn profile pictures. Unlike most self photo studios where two seats and a plain backdrop are provided, Studio 03 Room has an entire aesthetically pleasing setup put in place for you - a wooden bench against a curtain as a backdrop while the plant at the corner adds adds a pop of colour!

Studio 03 Room black and whitePhoto from Studio 03 Room


Of course, there is also a black and white filter to opt for.

Studio 03 Room family shotPhoto from Studio 03 Room

Studio 03 Room edits one picture for you and you will get to keep all the raw images. Print-outs are an additional $5 per photo.

Read our full write-up on Studio 03 Room here.

Price: from $55 (15 minutes of unlimited shots + 30 minutes editing time)

Address: 1 Jalan Dusun, #02-10, Singapore 329363
Opening hours: Closed on Monday, Tuesday - Sunday 11am - 8.30pm
Instagram | Website (for bookings)

#6 Dollop Automat Self Studio

Dollop Automat Self Studio black and white photos Photo from Dollop Automat Self Studio


Dollop Automat Self Studio first started out as a pop-up, but has since moved to a permanent location. Although it's a self studio and you get to take photos without a photographer, only professional equipment such as a DSLR camera and studio lighting are used for the best result.

Dollop Automat Self Studio family portraitPhoto from Dollop Automat Self Studio

They also provide some simple props which are free to use!

Dollop Automat Self Studio coloured photosPhoto from Dollop Automat Self Studio

The photoshoot area is located in the corner of the room, while others who are selecting photos will be blocked by a partition, so rest assured that you will be given full privacy!

Dollop Automat Self Studio Photo Booth Photo from Dollop Automat Self Studio

In case you didn't know, Dollop is also one of the pioneers of photo booths in Singapore (you may have spotted its booths in shopping malls), and they have one at their self photo studio location which you can try out.

This is also a great value-for-money option, as you will be given four 4R photo prints. Digital files will come with an extra charge, along with charges for additional pax or prints.


Read our full write-up on Dollop Automat Self Studio here.

Price: from $30 (15 minutes of unlimited shots + 15 minutes of photo selection)

Address: 30A Seah Street (Level 2), Singapore 188386
Opening hours: Closed on Monday, Tuesday - Sunday 11am - 8.30pm
Instagram | Website (for bookings)

#7 Fotomat Studios

Fotomat Studios black and white photosPhoto from Fotomat Studios

Fotomat Studios can be considered the OG in Singapore when it comes to self photo studios! Unlike other self photo studios where you get to choose between black and white or colour photos, Fotomat Studios only provides the former. So if you are into that aesthetic, this is the place to try out.

Fotomat Studios backdropPhoto from Fotomat Studios

Choose between a black, grey or white backdrop and snap away.

Fotomat Studios waiting areaPhoto from Fotomat Studios

The space at Fotomat Studios is also cosy and welcoming, while its decor will surely tickle the fancy of those who love minimalism.

Fotomat Studios couple black and white shotPhoto from Fotomat Studios

Despite being one of the more popular self photo studios, prices are kept affordable here but take note that slots run out fast, so make sure to keep a lookout for new dates open for bookings.

Additional charges apply for extra prints and pax. Students and military personnel will receive 10% off!

Read our full write-up on Fotomat Studios here.

Price: from $30 (15 minutes of unlimited shots)

Address: 3F, 155 Waterloo St, Stamford Arts Centre, Singapore 187962 | 3F, 6B Keong Saik Rd., Singapore 089114
Opening hours: 11am - 9pm daily
Instagram | Website (for bookings)

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