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There’s A New DanMachi Anime Cafe In Singapore With Themed Decor & Free Merchandise

There’s A New DanMachi Anime Cafe In Singapore With Themed Decor & Free Merchandise

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By Rachel Yohannan on 13 Oct 2021
Senior Digital Editor

You don’t have to be a weeb to know about the anime series, “Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?”, also known as DanMachi or Familia Myth. Even if you haven’t heard of its peculiar title, you must have at least seen people cosplaying the goddess Hestia, one of the main characters of the show. Much to the delight of fans - myself included - there’s now a pop-up DanMachi cafe in Singapore, in a limited-time collaboration with ANIPLUS Café.


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Read on to find out more about the DanMachi pop-up at ANIPLUS Café in Singapore!

DanMachi cafe ambience

DanMachi ANIPLUS Café SingaporePhoto from ANIPLUS Café

“Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?” follows the story of a young adventurer named Bell Cranel who dreams of being a hero. At the same time, he tries to win the love of powerful swordswoman Ais Wallenstein - all while oblivious to the fact that plenty of other females are completely besotted with him.

DanMachi ANIPLUS Café SingaporePhoto from ANIPLUS Café

Adapted from a manga, the series has seen 3 successful seasons of its TV adaptation. Plans for Season 4 were announced in January this year, and is said to be released in 2022. While supporters of the Hestia Familia wait it out, the DanMachi cafe can tide you over for the time being with its themed interior full of photo-worthy corners.


DanMachi ANIPLUS Café SingaporePhoto from ANIPLUS Café

DanMachi ANIPLUS Café SingaporePhoto from ANIPLUS Café

This includes giant banners that span from floor to ceiling, as well as a pillar completely plastered with stills from the show, featuring the key characters in action.

DanMachi cafe food menu

DanMachi ANIPLUS Café Singapore food menuPhoto from ANIPLUS Café

The menu features tavern-style items, all inspired by the characters of the show. Specifically, there are 3 mains to choose from, all priced at $15.90 each: Adventurers’ Grub, a hearty beef stew with toast, Hostess of Fertility’s Special Platter, a grilled chicken thigh with sausage, mashed potatoes, and salad, and Little Rookie’s Firebolt Pasta, a comfort dish of tomato-based spaghetti with meatballs.

DanMachi ANIPLUS Café Singapore crepePhoto from ANIPLUS Café

If you’re just here for a snack, try Hestia’s Jagamaru Treat ($12.90), which are potato croquettes served with a special dipping sauce. Or, recreate that Monster Feria date scene with Bell & Hestia’s Date Crepe ($12.90), topped with banana and strawberry slices and chocolate sauce with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.


DanMachi ANIPLUS Café SingaporePhoto from ANIPLUS Café

Those who are after something Instagram-worthy can go for Is It Wrong to ask for an Encounter with a Goddess? ($12.90) - a parfait with cotton candy and crushed butter cookies, topped with a generous swirl of whipped cream. The dark blue bow tied around the parfait glass is a simple but clever touch that’s an ode to goddess Hestia and her signature sultry outfit - and this is also present in the drink Goddess Hestia ($7.90).

DanMachi ANIPLUS Café Singapore drinksPhoto from ANIPLUS Café

There are a total of 6 drinks here - a mix of fruity soda-based and milk-based ones. Each one is representative of different characters, namely Bell, Hestia, Ais, Liliruca, Ryu, and Wiene the Vouivre 

DanMachi cafe merchandise & free souvenirs

DanMachi ANIPLUS Café Singapore merchandisePhoto from ANIPLUS Café

Like all anime cafes, ANIPLUS Café has a merchandise corner with character-themed goods. For the DanMachi collaboration, they’ve brought in folders, badges, tumblers...and a cheeky mousepad with 3D fuwa fuwa emphasis on Hestia’s, erm, defining assets.

DanMachi ANIPLUS Café Singapore photo cardPhoto from ANIPLUS Café

There are also free souvenirs to be scored with every purchase of a collaboration menu item. For the first wave, fans can get exclusive character photocards, available in 7 designs. The special premiums for the second and third wave will be announced in time to come.

DanMachi ANIPLUS Café Singapore posterPhoto from ANIPLUS Café

On top of that, those who spend a minimum of $35 on collaboration menu items and/or DanMachi merchandise will receive a free limited edition long poster.

DanMachi pop-up at ANIPLUS Café
8 Raffles Avenue, #01-13C Annexe, Esplanade Mall, Singapore 039802
Opening hours: 12pm - 9pm daily
Telephone: 6815 0011

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