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There’s A New DanMachi Anime Cafe In Singapore With Themed Decor & Free Merchandise

Fans of "Is It Wrong To Try To Pick Up Girls In A ...

2 months ago
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A Whisker Away: Sailor Moon Director's New Japanese Anime Movie Coming To Netflix On 18 June

How far would you go to get close to your crush? For Miyo in new Netflix anime movie “A Whisker Away...

a year ago

Live Your Anime Dreams In This New Naruto-Themed Hotel Room In Hyogo, Japan

Calling all Naruto fans, there's a new hotel in Japan that will be right up your alley.If you're vis...

2 years ago

Artists Are Putting Their Own Spin On The Iconic Anime Character, Sailor Moon, By Redrawing Them

Sailor Moon is one of those anime characters that anyone can instantly bring up a mental image of, e...

2 years ago

Kawaii Pennywise Anime Girl Figure Is Both Terrifying & Cute At The Same Time

If you love horror movies and cute anime figures, these two worlds have collided to create a puzzlin...

2 years ago

10 Cartoon Shows To Rewatch For A Dose Of Nostalgia & Childhood Memories

Feeling bored of Netflix shows yet? We have a list of our 10 best picks of cartoon shows from our ch...

2 years ago

Sailor Moon Will Be Releasing Over 100 Episodes To Watch For Free On Their Official YouTube

Sailor Moon fans rejoice! Are you almost done catching up with all the K-dramas? The search for vide...

2 years ago

10 Best Anime You Must Watch In 2020

Anime Lovers! This post is for you! With many highly anticipated sequels set to drop, 2020 is shapin...

2 years ago
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