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8 Facts About Wi Ha Joon The Actor Who Played Hwang Jun Ho AKA The Police Officer in Netflix's Squid Game

8 Facts About Wi Ha Joon The Actor Who Played Hwang Jun Ho AKA The Police Officer in Netflix's Squid Game

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By Jean on 08 Oct 2021
Digital Editor

Who else was enamored with Hwang Jun Ho AKA the charming police officer from Netflix's latest Korean thriller - Squid Game? Since the release of the 9-part series, Wi Ha Joon AKA Hwang Jun Ho has dazzled fans from around the globe with his charming looks and impeccable acting skills.


Here are 8 facts about Wi Ha Joon, Korea's up-and-coming actor and newest Kdrama hearttrob.

Read on to find out about Wi Ha Joon AKA the hot police officer who inflitrated the game in Netflix's Squid Game!

#1 His character wasn't in the initial script for Squid Game

Wi Ha Joon as Hwang Jun Ho in Squid GamePhoto from @wi__wi__wi via Instagram

In an interview with Netflix, Squid Game's director Hwang Dong Hyuk revealed that Squid Game was orginally written to be filmed as a movie and that the character Hwang Jun Ho didn't exist due to the lack of screen time. But when Squid Game was turned into a series, Dong Hyuk decided to write a storyline for Hwang Jun Ho which eventually turned out to be a great move as he described the police officer as "a character that sees the essence of the game".

#2 Wants to open a gym should he emerge as the winner of Squid Game

Wi Ha Joon in a shoot for Men's HealthPhoto from @wi__wi__wi via Instagram


With such chiseled abs, it's no secret that Ha Joon's a gym junkie. But the 30-year-old actor wants to take his love for gymming to higher grounds. During a press conference, Ha Joon revealed that he would love to open a gym with the grand prize of 45.6 billion won (~$SGD 52 million) should he win Squid Game.

#3 He's managed by the same agency that manages Crash Landing On You's female lead Son Ye Jin

Son Ye Jin promoting a beauty productPhoto from @yejinhand via Instagram

Ha Joon is managed by MSteam Entertainment, the same agency who manages famous Korean artistes such as Son Ye Jin who played Yoon Se-Ri in hit drama series Crash Landing On You. He's also known in the industry as Son Ye Jin’s "younger brother", which he deems to be a great honour.

#4 Was nominated for 3 "Best New Actor" awards after his groundbreaking performance in Gonjiam: Haunted Asylum

Gonjinam-haunted asylum posterPhoto from IMDb

If you're a fan of horror and found Ha Joon familiar, you've probably watched Gonjiam: Haunted Asylum. Ha Joon's groundbreaking performance in the 2018 horror film led to him being nominated for "Best New Actor" awards in 3 awards ceremony – Blue Dragon Awards, Grand Bell Awards, and Chunsa Film Art Awards.

#5 His birth name is Wi Hyeon Yi


Wi Ha Joon at a cafe in KoreaPhoto from @wi__wi__wi via Instagram

We've heard of celebrities having stage names and turns out, Wi Ha Joon debuted with one too! It was reported that he used a stage name as his agency told him that the meaning of his birth name was unfavourable.

#6 Has an adorable niece whom he refers to as his "princess"

Ha Joon has an adorable niece whom he refers to as his "princess". The 30-year-old often shares clips of him spending time with his niece. This one shows them having a whale of a time at a park!

#7 He can seranade you with his sweet, euphonious voice

Apart from having great acting skills, Ha Joon also has a sweet, euphonious voice which will leave you swooning over him even more than before. Here's a clip of him singing the OST "Maybe it's too late" of Matrimonial Chaos, a 2018 television series which he starred in.

#8 Flaunted his moves when he danced to TWICE's Cheer-Up

If he isn't already amazing enough, the multi-talented actor continues to wow us with his amazing dancing skills. Fans have dugged up a 2016 clip of him dancing to TWICE's Cheer-Up. Turns out, he was part of the dance team in middle and high school!

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