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9 Facts About Zhang Meng'er, The Actress Who Played Xialing In Marvel's Shang-Chi

9 Facts About Zhang Meng'er, The Actress Who Played Xialing In Marvel's Shang-Chi

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By Jean on 29 Sep 2021
Digital Editor

Previously, we wrote an article on fun facts about Simu Liu, the actor who played Shang-Chi in Marvel's first Asian superhero blockbuster. Zhang Meng'er, the actress who played Xialing, was also thrust into the spotlight after her spectacular performance in “Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings". The versatile talent has amassed fans from all around the globe and they can't wait to catch more of Meng'er's future onscreen appearances.


Here are 9 facts about Zhang Meng'er, who shot to fame with Marvel's latest blockbuster.

Read on to find out more about Zhang Meng'er AKA Marvel's Xialing!

#1 She met her husband on the set of “Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings"

Getting cast in "Shang-Chi And The Legend Of The Ten Rings" was an opportunity of a lifetime for Meng'er – both professionally and romantically. She met her husband Yung Lee – one of the action designers for the film, and the couple tied the knot in May this year.

In an Instagram post, Meng'er mentioned that they had "no proposal, no rings, no wedding" but later revealed in an interview that the cast and crew of "Shang-Chi" surprised them with a wedding reception.


Awww how sweet!

#2 Accidentally punched Simu Liu in his face during her first fight scene in "Shang-Chi" 

In an interview with Collider, Meng'er shared that her favourite memory on set was her first fight scene with her co-star, and on-screen brother Simu Liu. She went on to reveal that she was nervous but got into her character under the encouragement of Simu which led to an accidental punch in his face during their first fight scene.

While she joked that "it felt good", Meng'er also mentioned that it was all caught on camera and the audience will be able to see it in the blockbuster.

#3 Just like her character Xialing, Meng'er's an introvert and a pretty determined woman

Zhang meng'er as Xu Xialing in Marvel's Shang ChiPhoto from @mengerzhang via Instagram


Those who've watched "Shang-Chi" will know that Xialing's a self-made woman but has a soft and vulnerable side to her. In an interview with The Laterals, Meng'er disclosed that she relates strongly to her character Xialing, as both would go to lengths to fight and speak up for the people and issues they hold dear.

She also took to Instagram to share that she's an introvert and the longest conversation she had with co-star Tony Leong (who was also an introvert) was only 3 sentences long.

#4 An online group chat helped Meng'er land her the role of Xialing

Zhang meng'er with Tony Leung and her husband Yung LeePhoto from @mengerzhang via Instagram

While Twitter played a part in helping Simu Liu land his titular role of Shang-Chi, Meng'er clinched the role of Xialing with the help of a random group chat. The actress revealed that she chanced upon the casting call on a group chat that required someone who's fluent in both Mandarin and English.

Seeing the role as a good fit, Meng'er submitted her casting video. It was only when Marvel flew her to Los Angeles for a screen-test with Simu did she find out that she had actually auditioned for a role in "Shang-Chi". Looks like lady luck was on her side!

#5 Made her screen debut with Marvel's "Shang-Chi" but isn't a stranger to the arts scene

Zhang meng'er dressing up for the premiere event of Shang-ChiPhoto from @mengerzhang via Instagram


Given her stunning performance in "Shang-Chi", some fans find it tough to wrap their heads around the fact that it's Meng'er's first time acting in a feature film. Turns out, she underwent formal acting education at the East 15 Acting School in London, and the Russian Institute of Theatre.

This brings us to our next point.

#6 Her parents have careers in the arts scene

Zhang meng'er with her parentsPhoto from @mengerzhang via Instagram

Meng'er was raised in the theatre by her mum who's an actress, and dad who used to be a stage designer. In an interview, Meng'er disclosed that her childhood dream was to become an actress and that it was more than a dream come true for her when she was presented with an opportunity to star in such a monumental blockbuster.

#7 Participated in  China's singing competition Super Girl (2009) and made it to the Top 20

Apparently, acting isn't the only thing Meng'er's good at. In 2009, she took part in China's singing competition Super Girl and made it to the Top 20. However, she withdrew from the competition for unknown reasons.


#8 Ant-Man's her favourite Marvel superhero 

Marvel's Ant-Man played by Scott LangPhoto from Marvel

As a huge fan of Marvel, Meng'er disclosed that she has not missed a single Marvel film and that her favourite hero's Ant-Man. She went on to explain that she's always been fond of the idea of having the ability to shrink things – a trait that Ant-Man possessed.

#9 She loves Disneyland and could visit the theme park daily

Zhang Meng'er and SImu Liu at the Avengers Campus in LA's DisneylandPhoto from @mengerzhang via Instagram

A visit to Disneyland's probably every little girl's dream, and especially so for Meng'er when the actress revealed that she could visit the theme park every day and not get sick of it! It was no surprise that her favourite attraction was the Avengers Campus.

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