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Korean Actor Lee Min Ho Denies Dating Former Momoland Member Yeonwoo

Korean Actor Lee Min Ho Denies Dating Former Momoland Member Yeonwoo

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By Wei Yin on 30 Aug 2021
Digital Editor

Korean news outlet, Dispatch, notorious for breaking the news on celebs' dating life, revealed this morning (30 August) that actor Lee Min Ho and former Momoland member Yeonwoo are in a relationship.


Just when fans thought there was another couple in the Korean entertainment industry to ship, Lee Min Ho's agency swiftly denied the report.

Read on to find out more!

Lee Min Ho and Yeonwoo Instagram photosPhoto from @actorleeminho & @chloelxxlxx via Instagram

Lee Min Ho and Yeonwoo by DispatchPhoto from Dispatch

Lee Min Ho reportedly fetched Yeonwoo to the cinema and the stars went on a late-night drive after their movie date.

Lee Min Ho and Yeonwoo in his carPhoto from Dispatch


Dispatch also revealed that Lee Min Ho was the first to celebrate Yeonwoo's birthday with her on 1 August.

Yeonwoo and Lee Min Ho photos by DispatchPhoto from Dispatch

However, Lee Min Ho's agency, MYM Entertainment, denied the report by Dispatch and stated that "they are just acquaintances". The agency further clarified that "there were other friends present", and that "it is not true that they are in a relationship".

Yeonwoo's agency has yet to comment at the time of writing.

Lee Min Ho photoshoot photo and Yeonwoo's selfie on InstagramPhoto from @actorleeminho & @chloelxxlxx via Instagram

Seems like the two stars are just friends, or is there more to it? We wish them happiness either way!

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