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Genki Sushi Singapore: New Menu Items, Pullovers With Realistic Artwork & 1-For-1 Deals

Genki Sushi Singapore: New Menu Items, Pullovers With Realistic Artwork & 1-For-1 Deals

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By Karmen on 06 Oct 2021
Digital Editor

Judging from the seemingly never-ending queues at every Genki Sushi outlet, there are plenty of fans of this affordable casual sushi joint. If you're one of them, you'll be happy to know that they have new menu additions, limited-edition pullovers featuring two popular food items and 1-for-1 deals.


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Genki Sushi x The Art Faculty Pullovers

No meal at Genki Sushi is complete without the Mentai Mayo Fries and Salmon Belly Dai Man Zoku - some favourites that can be seen on almost every table at the restaurant. These two cult-favourite dishes have been turned into fashion pieces with the Genki Sushi x The Art Faculty Pullovers!

These cute black pullovers feature instantly recognisable art of the fries and sushi in their iconic basket and yellow & white plate. Designed by artists Fong Bok Loong and Grace Ong from TAF, the artwork on the pullovers were hand-drawn and hand-painted to look impressively realistic.

genki sushi singapore black hoodie pullovers with realistic illustration of mentai fries and salmon bellyPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore


Available at $35 each in two free sizes for men and women, the pullovers can be purchased by Premium members during the Preview Sale period (5 to 11 October 2021) in-stores with an exclusive e-coupon. The general sale starts from 12 October and ends on 14 November, while stocks last, via, Grab and FoodPanda.

women wearing black genki sushi mentail fries and salmon belly pulloversPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

Genki Membership Deals

From 5 October to 14 November 2021, both new sign-ups and existing members will enjoy delicious 1-for-1 deals and/or extra bonus points. If you're not a member yet, you can download their app and register for free to receive a $5 off e-coupon and a 1-for-1 Salmon Belly Sashimi e-coupon offer immediately.

New Genki Sushi Menu Items

There will also be new limited edition menu items including the Soft Shell Ebi ($5.80), airy and crispy shrimp that can be eaten whole, and Agedashi Hamburg ($4.20), a meat patty with edamame beans served on a plate of tsuyu sauce.

genki sushi singapore agedashi hamburgPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

genki sushi singapore soft shell ebiPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

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