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ANESSA x Pokemon: Stay Protected From Harmful UV Rays With This Cute Sunscreen Collection In Singapore

ANESSA x Pokemon: Stay Protected From Harmful UV Rays With This Cute Sunscreen Collection In Singapore

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By Jean on 17 Sep 2021
Digital Editor

Back in March, cult-favourite Japanese beauty brand ANESSA teamed up with Pokemon to launch a sunscreen collection so you can have fun in the sun without having to worry about harmful UV rays that could potentially damage your skin in the longterm. Unfortunately for Pokemon fans, the collection wasn't available in Singapore at the time of launch.


This September, Pikachu fans will be delighted to know that the ANESSA Pikachu Perfect UV Sunscreen Skincare Milk SPF 50+ PA++++ has made its way to our shores and is now retailing at Watsons Singapore so catch it while stocks last!

Read on to find out more about the ANESSA x Pokemon sunscreen collection!

The ANESSA x Pokemon collection features 6 different Pokemon characters – Pikachu, Squirtle, Charmander, Jigglypuff, Psyduck, and Eevee.

Anessa x Pokemon sunscreen collectionPhoto from ANESSA

Here's a closer look at each design!

Anessa x Pokemon sunscreen collection_PikachuPhoto from ANESSA

Anessa x Pokemon sunscreen collection_EeveePhoto from ANESSA


The Pikachu and Eevee sunscreens come in 2 design variations, each featuring a different style of tail.

Anessa x Pokemon sunscreen collection_SquirtlePhoto from ANESSA

Anessa x Pokemon sunscreen collection_PsyduckPhoto from ANESSA

Anessa x Pokemon sunscreen collection_CharmanderPhoto from ANESSA

Meanwhile, the Squirtle, Psyduck, and Charmander sunscreens come in only 1 tail design respectively.

Anessa x Pokemon sunscreen collection_JigglypuffPhoto from ANESSA

Jigglypuff doesn’t have a tail so its version of the sunscreen bears a plain back design in flamingo pink.

Anessa x Pokemon sunscreen collection_Pikachu sunscreen propertiesPhoto from Watsons Singapore

Apart from its high sun protection factor (SPF), the Perfect UV Sunscreen Milk (ANESSA’s strongest sunscreen) is also sweat-resistant and water-resistant, making it the perfect companion for your next adventure!

At present, only the Pikachu version is available in Singapore and can be bought at Watsons. However, we've also found some retailers on Shopee that are selling other variations of the sunscreen so you can catch em' all.

This seller has the Japan-exclusive Squirtle and Eevee version, while this seller has the China-exclusive Jigglypuff and Psyduck version. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to find the travel-retail exclusive Charmander sunscreen.

All the best, trainer!

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