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New Bubble Tea Store At Tanjong Pagar Has "Bears" Serving Customers, Get 50% Off 2nd Drink Till 31 Aug

New Bubble Tea Store At Tanjong Pagar Has "Bears" Serving Customers, Get 50% Off 2nd Drink Till 31 Aug

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By Wei Yin on 19 Jul 2021
Digital Editor

Bubble tea stores are a dime a dozen in Singapore, but have you ever seen one manned by "bears"? BJ MILKYTEA is a new boba store at Tanjong Pagar with a unique concept where customers order through a hole in the wall, and bears will make and serve the drinks.


They are also having a get 50% off your second drink promotion.

Read on to find out more!

BJ MILKYTEA storefrontPhoto from BJ MILKYTEA

BJ MILKYTEA's bear concept is inspired by the founder, Benny Xu's, family of three. There are three bears in total serving customers - black, white and brown, with each representing one family member.

BJ MILKYTEA bears serving drinksPhoto from BJ MILKYTEA

You will only see a white brick wall with a window at first glance and that's actually where you place your orders! A bear's furry arm will then extend out to serve you your drinks so remember to get your camera ready for this cute moment.

BJ MILKYTEA fruit bubble teaPhoto from BJ MILKYTEA


Apart from its one-of-a-kind concept, BJ MILKYTEA also serves affordable drinks, with prices starting from just $2.40! The Fruit Tea Series has slices of fruits infused in it for the freshest taste while making the drinks look even more IG-worthy.

BJ MILKYTEA Sugar SeriesPhoto from BJ MILKYTEA

Try their Sugar Series where you will get to see the unmistakable gradient effect thanks to the brown sugar.

BJ MILKYTEA bubble teaPhoto from BJ MILKYTEA

Other drink options include the Ice Blended Series where you get to choose from a selection of fruits, and the Macchiato Series with interesting flavours such as milo.

BJ MILKYTEA bear paw puddingPhoto from BJ MILKYTEA

BJ MILKYTEA also has a wide selection of toppings (+$1) and the pudding in a paw print resembling a bear's is a must-get! Other options are grass jelly, black glutinous rice, taro q-balls and more.

Get 50% off the second drink at BJ MILKYTEA

BJ MILKYTEA drinks with toppingsPhoto from BJ MILKYTEA

Don't miss out on this promotion where you will get 50% off your second drink, available till 31 August 2021.

Address: 1 Tanjong Pagar Plaza, #01-07, Singapore 082001
Opening hours: 11am - 7pm daily
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