Cult-Favourite Korean Skincare Brand Now In SG, Great For All Skin Types Especially Sensitive Skin

Cult-Favourite Korean Skincare Brand Now In SG, Great For All Skin Types Especially Sensitive Skin

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By Wei Yin on 15 Jul 2021
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Everybody already knows that Korean skincare products are some of the best in the world, but with so many brands and types to choose from, it's also understandably hard to discern which would actually work for you. While there is an abundance of popular brands to select from, ASIS-TOBE is one to consider.

The brand name might sound like a stranger to many Singaporeans, but ASIS-TOBE is actually an award-winning Korean skincare brand that was established in 2016. It has been climbing up beauty junkies' hearts in recent years for all the good reasons, and the products are suitable for all skin types, especially those with sensitive skin.

Good news is that the brand is now available in Singapore so you can easily get your hands on them.

Read on to find out more about ASIS-TOBE!  

ASIS-TOBE full range of productsPhoto from ASIS-TOBE

ASIS-TOBE first started out with only four products, but has since expanded its lineup with their products now available in pharmacies worldwide. They contain active ingredients that have been dermatologist-tested to not irritate skin, and use hypoallergenic formulas and high integrity ingredients - just some of the many reasons why the brand has become a cult-favourite. The products have also been clinically tested so you can use them with peace of mind.

We have narrowed down their wide selection to four must-try products that will help to deeply hydrate while calming dehydrated and sensitive skin.

#1 ASIS-TOBE pH Balancing Gel Cleanser

ASIS-TOBE ph gel cleanser Photo from ASIS-TOBE

Every skincare routine needs to start off with a cleanser to remove any makeup residue and gunk. But this step could also mean further stripping the skin of its natural oils and making dehydrated skin feel even drier.

Thankfully, the ASIS-TOBE pH Balancing Gel Cleanser can help to save the day! It's a gentle cleanser infused with coconut ingredients to melt away dirt without drying out the skin. Aloe extract then seals in all the moisture so your skin feels supple and smooth.

As this cleanser is so forgiving on the skin, you can use it every day and night to get a clean yet hydrated canvas for the rest of your skincare products. It's also a huge bottle (200ml) so it will probably last you a long time!

Get it here at $40.50.

#2 ASIS-TOBE Hyaluronic Essential Toner

ASIS-TOBE hyaluronic essential tonerPhoto from ASIS-TOBE

Just like how a cleanser is vital is any skincare routine, one other product you must not miss out on using is a toner! Toners help to remove any remaining dirt and makeup on the skin while soothing and aiding in retaining moisture.

The ASIS-TOBE Hyaluronic Essential Toner is, of course, packed with hyaluronic acid - a potent substance that will retain water to keep skin tissues hydrated. When the skin is moisturised and protected, it will also help to reduce the appearance of fine lines and increase cell production, giving you plumper and glossier skin in return.

Despite its rich formula, it does not leave behind any sticky residue. You can choose to use a cotton pad to apply or simply dab the product onto your skin with your hands.

Get it here at $40.30.

#3 ASIS-TOBE Marine Collagen 81 Serum

ASIS-TOBE marine collagen 81 serumPhoto from ASIS-TOBE

The most expensive serums are not always the best so it's more important to look at the ingredients and what they will do for your skin.

If you are looking for something that will hydrate with anti-ageing properties (it's never too early to start), try the ASIS-TOBE Marine Collagen 81 Serum. Like its name suggests, it contains 81% of collagen together with patented DERMASOME ingredients to firm and replenish the skin.

Collagen improves skin elasticity and increases blood flow to the skin for a more youthful and bright look. Pair this serum with other hydrating skincare products and you will get a healthy, glowing sheen that will take you one step closer to achieving highly-coveted "glass skin" that is trending in Korea!

Get it here at $56.60.

#4 ASIS-TOBE Aqua Boosting Cream

ASIS-TOBE aqua boosting creamPhoto from ASIS-TOBE

Finish off your skincare routine with a moisturiser to lock in all the goodness from the previous products so your skin stays hydrated all night till the next morning. This is a step not to be missed especially if you sleep in air-conditioned rooms where the air is extremely dry.

Try the ASIS-TOBE Aqua Boosting Cream that uses four layers of oil complex and hyaluronic acid to deeply moisturise the skin. Apply a thin layer in the day and a thicker layer in the night to let it double up as an overnight mask.

Tip: apply the moisturiser on damp skin so that it's easier for your skin to absorb the product.

Get it here at $50.60.

Get 30% off ASIS-TOBE products in Singapore on Allura Mall 

ASIS-TOBE product shotsPhoto from ASIS-TOBE

Apart from the four products mentioned above, you can get all the other ASIS-TOBE products online from Allura Mall, a local distribution company specialising in Asian beauty products ranging from makeup to skincare.

The company was founded in June 2020 by an all-female team who decided to come together to share their love for beauty. The best part about purchasing from Allura Mall is peace of mind that you are getting authentic products from responsibly-sourced manufacturers!

And luckily for you, Allura Mall is offering 30% off all ASIS-TOBE products when you register an account with them. Shop the full range of ASIS-TOBE products on Allura Mall here.

If you prefer to try out the products in person, head to an Allura Beauty Counter manned by skin specialist consultants at Isetan Tampines Mall or One Assembly Raffles City Shopping Center.

Follow Allura Mall on Instagram and Facebook to be the first to know about new products and the latest launches!

This post is brought to you by Allura Asia.  

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