New Dessert Boutique In Singapore Sells Korean-Style Fat Macarons, Cakes & Cookies

New Dessert Boutique In Singapore Sells Korean-Style Fat Macarons, Cakes & Cookies

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By Wei Yin on 03 May 2021
Digital Editor

Fat macarons, aka fatcarons, were popularised by the Koreans where the macaron shells are stuffed with extra filling to achieve a chubby look. If you haven't had the chance to try this trending dessert, now's the perfect time as there is a new dessert boutique in Singapore serving Korean-style fatcarons, cakes and cookies.

HaengBokCakeYo is a new Korean dessert boutique by Serena, the owner and baker behind Nanatang's famous fatcarons. The boutique's name is a play on the Korean words "행복해요" (haeng bok hae yo) which means "happiness" in English, in hopes of bringing customers joy with every bite of their desserts.

Read on to find out more!

HaengBokCakeYo storefront
Photo from GirlStyle Singapore

HaengBokCakeYo dessert boutique
Photo from GirlStyle Singapore

You won't be able to miss HaengBokCakeYo with its striking pink exterior and eye-catching finger heart neon light. Step into the store and you will be greeted by the sweet scent of desserts that are all made fresh in their kitchen.

HaengBokCakeYo cake and fatfatcarons
Photo from GirlStyle Singapore

HaengBokCakeYo Fatcarons
Photo from HaengBokCakeYo

The must-tries are, of course, the K-style Fatcarons ($3 each, $15.80 for six) in flavours like Chocolate, Vanilla Bean, Mango and Pistachio, and K-style Fatfatcarons that come with double the filling ($5.80 each, $19.80 for four) in interesting flavours like Orh Nee, Oreo Cheesecake and Ondeh Ondeh.

These fatcarons are Insta-worthy so make sure you snap a few pictures before you gobble them up! You will appreciate these fatcarons if you have a sweet tooth.

HaengBokCakeYo chubby cookies
Photo from HaengBokCakeYo

Apart from the fatcarons, their Chubby Cookies ($5.80 each, $14.80 for three) with a unique texture, something like a mix between chewy cookies and a cake, are worth a try too! Flavours include Choco Chips, Pandan Gula Melaka, Red Velvet and Double Chocolate.


HaengBokCakeYo desserts
Photo from HaengBokCakeYo

A visit to HaengBokCakeYo will never be complete without indulging in a slice, or an entire mini cake! The Mini Chiffon Cake ($9.80) in Chocolate, Yuzu and Hojicha come in not just aesthetically pleasing designs, they also have a fluffy and airy texture that is light on the tastebuds.

Get the classic Shortcake Slice ($6.80) in Strawberry, Mango or Mixed Fruits for something refreshingly tasty. You will be able to see the fruits nestled between the cake layers.

HaengBokCakeYo brownies
Photo from HaengBokCakeYo

The Classic Fudgy Brownie ($6.80) will satisfy your cravings if you love all things chocolate.

HaengBokCakeYo is a takeaway dessert boutique so head down soon to grab these treats and bring them back to share if your loved ones!

Address: 41 Kampong Bahru Rd, Singapore 169358
Opening hours: Thursday - Monday 11am - 7pm
Website | Instagram

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