$1/Stick Lok Lok & Free Soju With Every Order, Available For Takeaway & Islandwide Delivery

$1/Stick Lok Lok & Free Soju With Every Order, Available For Takeaway & Islandwide Delivery

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ByWei Yin on 09 Jun 2021 Digital Editor

You are in luck if crispy fried food paired with chilli, before washing it down with some soju sounds like the perfect meal for you to unwind with.

LOK不LOK, a bistro located at Macpherson, sells lok lok at an affordable price of only $1 per stick and they are currently offering free soju with every order! Takeaways and islandwide delivery are available.

Read on to find out more!

Lok不lok $1 lok lok
Photo from @jarylzhangjs via Instagram

LOK不LOK has a wide variety of items ranging from premiums such as scallops and prawns, to the must-haves like seaweed chicken and sausages.

They have also categorised their menu into three options to make it easier for you to order.

Combo A costs $35 and comes with 35 sticks while Combo B costs $55 and comes with 55 sticks. Both combos include one bottle of free soju each.

Go for Combo C which costs $85 and comes with 85 sticks, plus two bottles of free soju if you have a bigger family.

Lok不lok lok Lok close up
Photo from @jarylzhangjs via Instagram

Here's the full list of lok lok items:
- Fried mantou
- Fish roe dumpling
- Nugget
- Bak Kwa
- Seaweed chicken
- Taiwan sausage
- Abalone slice
- Smoked duck
- Shitake
- Corn
- Luncheon meat
- Zai er
- Squid
- Wanton
- Otah
- Bacon with enoki
- Broccoli
- Cheese tofu
- Ngoh hiang
- Spring roll
- Brinjal
- Drumstick
- Ladies' finger
- Prawn
- Seafood tofu
- Shishamo
- Pork ball
- Crabstick
- Scallop
- Quail egg
- Hotdog
- Fishball

Lok不lok lok Lok with chilli
Photo from @jarylzhangjs via Instagram


You can choose your preferred items once your order has been made.

And in case you were wondering, LOK不LOK also provides sauces made from scratch because a lok lok meal is never complete without them! The four types of sauces are: MAMA Sibei 辣 (spicy), MAMA Satay Sauce, VIET Sweet Garlic Sauce and DIDI 酸酸甜甜辣辣 (sour, sweet, spicy).

Islandwide delivery for Combo A and B is priced at $10 but you get free delivery when you order Combo C!

Lok不lok lok Lok flatlay
Photo from @jarylzhangjs via Instagram

This good deal aside, the best part about LOK不LOK is that they deliver till 12am which means you can order to satisfy your late-night hunger pangs.

Call them at 87881010 for self-collection or place your order here for delivery.

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