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$68 Mookata Set For 2-4 Pax With Free Islandwide Delivery, Gas Stove & Grill Provided

$68 Mookata Set For 2-4 Pax With Free Islandwide Delivery, Gas Stove & Grill Provided

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By Wei Yin on 03 Jun 2021
Digital Editor

Can't wait to get your mookata cravings satisfied but don't want to wait till Phase 2 restrictions are over before you can head out to indulge? You can now order mookata and have everything you need, from the food to the grill, delivered to your doorstep!


Mr Mookata is offering free islandwide delivery for their mookata sets at affordable prices so you can enjoy in the comfort of your own home.

Read on to find out more!

Mr Mookata $68 setPhoto from Mr Mookata

For just $68, you get a full set of mookata essentials like meat, seafood, vegetables and even chilli to go with your food. This set is good for two to four people, which makes it about only $17 per pax!

What's included in the set:
- Meat: marinated sliced pork, pork belly and chicken, smoked duck and bacon
- Seafood: prawns, clams and sliced fish
- Vegetables/mushrooms: Chinese cabbage, broccoli and enoki mushrooms
- Sides: meat balls, fish balls, crab stick, hotdogs, cheese tofu, luncheon meat and beancurd skin
- Others: Mama TomYum noodles, vermicelli and seaweed

Mr Mookata $118 setPhoto from Mr Mookata

Mr Mookata also sells a $118 set for six to eight people, which makes it about $14.75 per person! This is perfect if you have a larger family. The same ingredients are included in this set but with bigger portions.


The set also comes with four bottles of Thai iced milk tea for the full experience.

Mr Mookata chilli Photo from Mr Mookata

No mookata meal is ever complete without chilli! Each set comes with four types of chilli - ultimate spicy, spicy garlic, special Thai chilli and sweet mild spicy. These are must-haves for an authentic mookata meal so make sure you try all four of them.

Mr Mookata packaged foodPhoto from Mr Mookata

Aside from free islandwide delivery, Mr Mookata will also provide the soup, gas stove and grill.

The best part of it all is that you won't have to wash the grill when you are done! Mr Mookata makes it a fuss-free experience by collecting the grill and stove the next day, so all you have to do is just leave it at your doorstep.

Place your order here and enjoy same day delivery if you order before 4pm. You can also opt to add on any ingredients of your choice at $1.90 to $3.90.

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