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New 3-Storey Cafe At Tanjong Pagar Known For Their Bolo Buns Has Insta-Worthy Minimalist Decor

New 3-Storey Cafe At Tanjong Pagar Known For Their Bolo Buns Has Insta-Worthy Minimalist Decor

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By Wei Yin on 19 Apr 2021
Digital Editor

Reminiscing about cha chaan tengs (tea restaurants) in Hong Kong but can't travel there? Well, at least there's a new cafe in town selling the iconic pineapple buns aka bolo bao to satisfy your cravings on this little red dot.


Champion Bolo Bun is a 3-storey cafe at Tanjong Pagar with Insta-worthy minimalist decor and they specialise in none other than bolo buns!

Read on to find out more!

Champion bolo bun logoPhoto from Champion Bolo Bun

Champion Bolo Bun was founded three years ago by Hoh Loyi, who is also the head baker. The perfect bolo bun did not come easy, though. Loyi first challenged herself to learn more about bread in Taipei, then found herself sweating and rolling flour in a tea restaurant in Hong Kong, before spending countless hours on research, experiments and modifications to create the best bolo bun.

Back in 2019, Champion Bolo Bun started out by operating at food fairs and events, and the snaking long queues proved the popularity of their buns. Fast forward to three years later, Champion Bolo Bun is now housed in a 3-storey shophouse at Tanjong Pagar!

Champion Bolo Bun seating areaPhoto from Champion Bolo Bun

The decor at Champion Bolo Bun is a stark difference from the cha chaan tengs you will find in Hong Kong, but Singaporeans will surely appreciate the relaxing and spacious setting great for a catch up with friends over buns and coffee.


Champion Bolo Bun rattan seatPhoto from Champion Bolo Bun

In fact, the decor reminds us of Bali resorts with its use of different textures, rattan furniture and the clever placements of greenery within the cafe.

Champion Bolo Bun cafe first levelPhoto from Champion Bolo Bun

There's also plenty of seats in the cafe that can cater to both smaller and larger groups.

Champion Bolo Bun classic bun anatomyPhoto from Champion Bolo Bun

In case you didn't know, the bolo bun does not contain pineapples despite its name. It earned its name as the crispy crust of the bun resembles pineapple skin.

Champion Bolo Bun original bunsPhoto from @nathanielneo via Instagram

And when you are there, make sure you don't miss out on their Classic Bolo Bun ($4.50)!


The buns at Champion Bolo Bun are baked every 15 minutes using high quality imported ingredients to ensure the freshest taste.

Types of bolo buns at Champion Bolo BunPhoto from @nathanielneo via Instagram

Apart from the Classic, you can choose to get the Classic with Butter ($5) for more savoury goodness. There's also the Curry Potato ($6) version for a little spicy kick and the Mini of 4 ($4.50) perfect for sharing.

Drinks at Champion Bolo BunPhoto from @nathanielneo via Instagram

Get their Signature Drinks in iced or hot options to complement the buns - Champion's Coffee ($5.50 - $6), Champion's Milk Tea ($5.50 - $6) and Champion's Lemon Tea ($5.80 - $6.30).

Coffee lovers can also go for Espresso ($4.50), Americano ($5 - $5.50) or Latte ($5.50 - $6) in both iced or hot options.

Champion Bolo Bun buns and drinksPhoto from @nathanielneo via Instagram

Address: 92 Tanjong Pagar Rd, Singapore 088513
Opening hours: Closed on Monday, Tuesday - Sunday: 12pm - 3pm (soft launch hours)