8 Korean Celebrities With Not-Too-Short Short Haircuts To Take Inspiration From

8 Korean Celebrities With Not-Too-Short Short Haircuts To Take Inspiration From

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ByKarmen on 28 Feb 2021 Digital Editor

From saving time on washing to making the hair look lighter and more voluminous, there are many reasons to switch to short hair. But if the thought of chopping your locks off is too intimidating, why not start with a medium, shoulder-length haircut first?

In-between long hair and a straight-up short haircut, a shoulder-length hairstyle is long enough so you're still in your comfort zone, is flattering on most face shapes, and doesn't need regular haircuts like short do's.

Keep reading to check out eight Korean celebrities medium haircuts to take inspiration from

#1 Seo Ye Ji: Shoulder-length short hair with choppy ends

SEO YEA JI with short hair wearing white pantsuit
Photo from @seoyeaji_1990 via Instagram

The choppy, uneven ends create a casual, boho feel while airy bangs soften the look.

#2 TaeYeon: Shoulder-length short hair with full bangs and curled ends

TaeYeon with long bob and bangs
Photo from @taeyeon_ss via Instagram

If you fancy a feminine look, try medium-short hair with bangs and curled ends that frame the face and give the hair a bouncy, voluminous finish.

#3 Chaeyoung: Blunt shoulder-length short hair with long, middle part bangs

TWICE CHAEYOUNG with medium hair and centre parting
Photo from @twicechaeyoung via Instagram

TWICE CHAEYOUNG with medium blonde hair and centre parting
Photo from @twicechaeyoung via Instagram

A blunt cut on straight hair will give you a very avant garde look! Long bangs with a middle parting suits those with a heart-shaped face best to soften the forehead and highlight the cheekbones.

#4 IU: Medium-short hair with see-through, airy bangs

IU with short hair and bangs
Photo from @dlwlrma via Instagram

Short hair already has the effect of making some of us look younger, but pairing it with Korean-style airy bangs will give you an even more youthful and cute look.

#5 Hwasa: Long, textured A-line bob with side parting


hwasa with short black hair red lipstick
Photo from @mamamoohwasa via Instagram

This timeless haircut coupled with a side parting suits many face shapes from round and oval to square and heart. Style it straight or add some waves with sea salt spray for an effortlessly edgy look.

#6 JeongYeon: Shoulder-length short hair with waves and curtain bangs

TWICE JEONGYEON with short purple hair
Photo from @jungyeontwice via Instagram

Voluminous, medium length wavy hair is a universally flattering look that'll suit most face shapes. If you have an oval or heart-shaped face, you'll probably be able to pull off short curtain bangs like Jung Yeon. If not, stick to regular bangs or go fringe-less!

#7 Jenn Im: Straight & sleek shoulder-length bob

jenn im with medium length hair centre parting
Photo from @imjennim via Instagram

jenn im wearing pullover and skirt
Photo from @imjennim via Instagram

This sleek, straight long bob is a classic hairstyle that has sophisticated, high fashion vibes. It's relatively low maintenance besides having to curl the ends towards the face if you don't have naturally stick-straight hair.

If you're concerned that this hairstyle might look flat, check out an easy way to style your middle parting to look voluminous in just 30 seconds.

#8 Pony: Shoulder-length short hair with ends curled outwards

pony with short pastel pink hair
Photo from @ponysmakeup via Instagram

pony with short pink hair
Photo from @ponysmakeup via Instagram

A less common medium length hairstyle is letting the ends qiao, aka curl, outwards like they naturally would when hitting the shoulders. Although the more popular look is to have the ends curled inwards, this outward curl will give you a natural, cutesy look.

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