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6 Versatile Brown Hair Colours You Must Try In 2021 For A Stylish & Timeless Look

6 Versatile Brown Hair Colours You Must Try In 2021 For A Stylish & Timeless Look

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By Wei Yin on 05 Feb 2021
Digital Editor

Brown is the preferred hair colour for most Asian ladies because it's versatile and natural-looking. But there are many different shades of brown and it can be confusing when deciding which shade to go for.


We have compiled a list of six pretty brown hair colours you must try in 2021 for a stylish and timeless look. Take inspiration from these and refresh your look for the new year!

Check them out below!

#1 Milk tea brown

Milk tea brown hair colourPhoto from @harts_salon via Instagram

Milk tea brown is one of the most popular hair colours ever! This creamy beige colour reminiscent of the colour of actual milk tea is flattering and matches a variety of skin tones as it isn't too warm nor cold.

This hair trend has been around for quite a while now but rest assured that it's not going away anytime soon, so go ahead and spruce up your look!

#2 Autumn brown


Autumn brown hair colourPhoto from @2ne_studio via Instagram

Like its name suggests, the autumn brown hair colour has hints of red in it that will remind you of autumn foliage. This warm tone hair colour will give you a glowing radiance and help you look more youthful!

It's also one of the more natural brown colours so it's great for those still in school or working in an office environment.

#3 Ash brown

Ash brown hair colourPhoto from Pinterest

Ash brown is the definition of "timeless" as it's always trending. It will look great on you if you have a cool skin tone. The colour is also noticeable enough without being overwhelmingly bright.

Take note that you will most probably have to bleach your hair to achieve this shade! But if you are worried about the bleach damaging your hair, try out this new ash range hair dye that works well on Asian hair with no bleaching required.

#4 Caramel brown


Caramel brown hair colourPhoto from @jessica.syj via Instagram

The caramel brown hair colour is pretty similar to autumn brown except for the fact that it's a lot brighter. This hair colour was just trending among Korean celebrities a few months back so try it out yourself to see what the hype is about!

It's also an adaptable hair colour that will match all seasons. Read more about the caramel brown hair colour trend here.

#5 Rose brown

Rose brown hair colourPhoto from @polly_1218 via Instagram

This rose brown colour has pinkish tones in it so it's like a mix of both brown and red. If you wish to venture out of the traditional browns and red, rose brown is something you can try.

The colour will be more subtle indoors but will glow in all its glory under the sun in a warm, rosy look. It's also part of our top picks of five universally-flattering hair colours and you can read more about them here.

#6 Chocolate brown

Chocolate brown hair colourPhoto from @阮初一 via 小红书

This chocolate brown hair colour also made it onto our list of must-dye brown hair colours in 2020! It's one of the easiest brown hair colours to pull off ever and will literally look stunning on anyone.

It's a low maintenance colour that is suitable for all kinds of occasions. If you have never dyed your hair, this is a good colour to start off with as it's subtle but the hints of brown are still noticeable.

Have you decided on your next hair colour?

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