5 Easy Tricks To Save Your Dry, Brittle & Damaged Hair With Minimal Effort & Money Spent

5 Easy Tricks To Save Your Dry, Brittle & Damaged Hair With Minimal Effort & Money Spent

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By Rachel Yohannan on 30 Dec 2020
Senior Digital Editor

Scalp issues, dry hair, frequent breakage, and what have you - chances are, you are probably plagued by one or more of these hair woes. They’re all very common problems that many deal with on a daily basis, but still, they’re not fun to handle, especially when they cramp our style and require consistent time, effort, and money to fix.

But you don’t necessarily have to spend on expensive salon treatments to achieve healthy locks. These 5 easy hair care tricks - with product recommendations included - will help save your dry, brittle and damaged hair with minimal hassle and cash spent.

Read on to find out more about these easy and affordable hair care hacks!

#1: Go for water-based hair products for better absorption of moisture

Kundal Miracle Damage Care Water Treatment SingaporePhoto from KUNDAL

Compared to viscous, cream-based formulas, water-based hair products are usually more easily applied due to their lighter texture. This also means that they can be absorbed by the hair and scalp more quickly, in turn allowing for hydration and nutrition to penetrate more effectively. 

Some do prefer creamy hair care products because they naturally lather up better than watery ones, but we’ve found an interesting new product that brings the best of both worlds together.

Kundal Miracle Damage Care Water Treatment SingaporePhoto from GirlStyle SG

Though Korean hair care brand KUNDAL’s new Miracle Damage Care Water Treatment is water-based, its watery texture transforms into cream form shortly after contact with warm water. This way, you don’t have to compromise texture for efficacy or vice versa.

Kundal water treatment SingaporePhoto from GirlStyle SG

This Miracle Damage Care Water Treatment is not a shampoo, but rather, a water-based scalp treatment to be used in the shower right after shampooing to complement your routine. Simply squeeze the excess water out of your hair post-shampoo, apply all over your hair and scalp, and massage in before rinsing. There is no need to apply conditioner after that, as this Water Treatment can very well replace it! 

Infused with natural ingredients of honey and macadamia extract, this treatment nourishes dry and damaged hair from inside-out, giving it strength and shine. We got the one in the Baby Powder scent, which smells just like the real thing!

#2: Look for caffeine-infused shampoos to invigorate follicles and prevent hair loss

Kundal Scalp Care Caffeine ShampooPhoto from GirlStyle SG

Caffeine isn’t just good for waking you up in the morning. It also helps “awaken” your hair follicles and improve scalp condition, which helps prevent hair loss. At the same time, it gives your hair a shinier and smoother appearance.

The Scalp Care+ Caffeine Shampoo by KUNDAL contains caffeine as well as 24 different plant extracts to gently cleanse while invigorating the scalp. This, too, is one of KUNDAL’s newest Water Treatment hair products that is water-based but takes on a creamy texture upon contact with water.

#3: Exfoliate away dead skin with a scalp scaling treatment

Kundal Scalp Scaling Caffeine Water Treatment SingaporePhoto from GirlStyle SG

Just like how your face needs frequent exfoliation, your scalp, too, requires the same in order to be rid of dead skin cells and sebum build-up. Of course, you can’t use a facial scrub on your scalp (ouch!) but there are hair care products out there which can get the job done without being abrasive.

Try KUNDAL’s Scalp Scaling Caffeine Water Treatment, yet another innovative new Water Type product which has a water-to-cream formula that’s easily absorbed. Like the Miracle Damage Care Water Treatment mentioned in point #1 earlier, this is also used on wet hair and scalp after shampooing. Feel free to alternate between the two based on your needs so their benefits can work in tandem.

Kundal Scalp Scaling Caffeine Water Treatment SingaporePhoto from GirlStyle SG

This contains tea tree leaf extract, eucalyptus leaf extract and peppermint oil, which brings about a cooling effect to soothe itchy and easily irritated scalps.

#4: Detox your scalp with natural ingredients like tea tree & macadamia

Kundal Macadamia Deep Cleansing Shampoo SingaporePhoto from GirlStyle SG

Natural is the way to go, as harsh chemicals can damage and aggravate the hair and scalp. Get a good scalp detox with products like KUNDAL’s Macadamia Deep Cleansing Shampoo - a pH-balanced shampoo that cleanses deeply while being gentle.

Thanks to ingredients like tea tree leaf extract and peat water, this soothing formula is suitable for those with sensitive scalps. Concurrently, the macadamia nut oil helps nourish dry and brittle hair while locking in moisture.

#5: Take your hair routine up a notch with scalp spray

Kundal scalp spray SingaporePhoto from GirlStyle SG

Your hair care routine shouldn’t merely end after washing. Take things up a notch with a scalp spray that helps fight hair loss - one example is KUNDAL’s Head Spa & Scalp Care Solution Scalp Spray. With pinus densiflora leaf extract and 10,000ppm of caffeine from real coffee beans, this is suitable even for sensitive skin.

Simply shake well, apply to your clean scalp and hair in sections after drying, and massage in for optimum absorption. Use this on the daily and you’ll be on your way to a healthier scalp with less thinning!

- KUNDAL’s Water Treatment products in Singapore - 

Kundal Water Treatment SingaporePhoto from KUNDAL


KUNDAL is a bestselling Korean hair care brand that has been steadily gaining popularity in Singapore, and they have just launched their new Water Treatment range that helps save dry, brittle, and damaged hair while improving scalp health.

These Water Treatment products are light in texture, which means they are easily absorbed and don’t clog follicles or weigh your tresses down. The innovative water-to-cream formulas make application a breeze, and your hair will feel smoother with less frizz.

Kundal Singapore review before afterPhoto from GirlStyle SG

After using these Water Treatment products for a week, my hair felt lighter and more hydrated, but not oily - and looked more kempt overall.I didn’t even have to spend any extra time to specially treat my hair issues, as these could all be seamlessly incorporated into my daily shower schedule.

Kundal Singapore hair review Photo from GirlStyle SG

The best part? While highly-raved for how effective they are, KUNDAL’s products are all affordably priced from $10.50. Items from the Water Treatment range in particular are priced at just $14.50 - proof that you don’t need to spend much to keep your locks in the best possible condition.

Get these KUNDAL Water Treatment hair care products and more at Guardian.

This post is brought to you by KUNDAL.

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