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Adorable Doraemon Rice Cooker & Steamer In Singapore Retails At Under $60

Adorable Doraemon Rice Cooker & Steamer In Singapore Retails At Under $60

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By Karmen on 07 Feb 2021
Digital Editor

If you already have the Doraemon air fryer, why not go all out and get a whole Doraemon-themed kitchen with the Doraemon rice cooker and steamer?


Besides, they're both multifunctional to save time and are affordably priced under $60!

Keep reading to check them out

joyoung electric hotpot cooker and steamerPhoto from Joyoung

This compact pastel blue and pink cooker and steamer measures just 20 x 21cm - perfect for solo meals or small families with a small kitchen. It has a 1.5-litre capacity, non-stick coating and double layers to cook hot pot, stews, soups, etc. at the bottom and steam food on top at the same time.

pastel blue doraemon steamer and hotpot cookerPhoto from Joyoung

It also comes in two other colours featuring LINE FRIENDS characters Sally (yellow) and Brown (brown).


Get the Doraemon Hot Pot Cooker & Steamer here -> for $42.60 - $47.80.

Doraemon rice cooker double layerPhoto from SUPOR

Doraemon rice cookers on blue kitchen countersPhoto from SUPOR

Another space-saving solution for small families, this nifty appliance doubles as a rice cooker and steamer at once. The bottom layer cooks rice while the steam travels up to cook baos, dumplings, fish and other dishes.

Doraemon rice cooker and steamer rice baoPhoto from SUPOR

It also has a 1.5-litre capacity with non-stick coating, measuring about 25 x 19 cm. Besides rice, you can also use the bottom layer to cook soups, instant noodles and more.

Doraemon rice cooker used for soupPhoto from SUPOR

Get the Doraemon Mini Rice Cooker here -> for $59.90.

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