New Gucci x Doraemon Collection Includes Bags, Apparel, Footwear & Accessories

New Gucci x Doraemon Collection Includes Bags, Apparel, Footwear & Accessories

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By Wei Yin on 28 Dec 2020
Digital Editor

The Gucci x Doraemon collaboration was first introduced in the luxury house's Resort 2021 collection a few months back and now, the full collection has just dropped.

Featuring the adorable and iconic cat-type robot, the collection comprises of more than 50 different items for both men and women, but here are our top picks for the ladies.

Check them out below!

#1 Doraemon x Gucci shoulder bag

Doraemon x Gucci shoulder bagPhoto from Gucci

Doraemon adorns this mini GG Supreme shoulder bag (865 GBP, ~1556 SGD) in a round shape. The cherry red leather trim and gold toned GG hardware complement each other - making this both a cute and sophisticated bag that can be easily slung over your shoulders on a casual day out.

#2 Doraemon x Gucci mini bucket bag

Doraemon x Gucci mini bucket bagPhoto from Gucci

This mini GG Supreme bucket bag (1060 GBP, ~1907 SGD) might be small but the design surely makes up for it!

#3 Doraemon x Gucci women's Princetown slipper

Doraemon x Gucci women's Princetown slipperPhoto from Gucci

Wear Doraemon on your feet in these Princetown slippers (520 GBP, ~936 SGD) that come with the recognisable Gucci horsebit gold toned hardware.

#4 Doraemon x Gucci large tote bag

Doraemon x Gucci large tote bagPhoto from Gucci

Need a bigger bag? This mini GG Supreme large tote (1490 GBP, ~2681 SGD) with mini Doraemons on it making different expressions is the perfect one.

#5 Doraemon x Gucci small backpack

Doraemon x Gucci small backpackPhoto from Gucci

The mini GG Supreme small backpack (1370 GBP, ~2465 SGD) also comes with one Doraemon adorning it.

#6 Doraemon x Gucci women's Rhyton sneaker


Doraemon x Gucci women's Rhyton sneakerPhoto from Gucci

The Rhyton sneaker (700 GBP, ~1260 SGD) in a chunky design has a slimming effect on the legs and the ivory leather can easily match with any outfit of any colour.

#7 Doraemon x Gucci wool jumper

Doraemon x Gucci wool jumperPhoto from Gucci

This ivory wool knit jumper (1050 GBP, ~1889 SGD) is perfect for sweater weather days!

#8 Doraemon x Gucci card case

Doraemon x Gucci card casePhoto from Gucci

The mini GG Supreme card case (320 GBP, ~576 SGD) comes with five card slots and an interior open pocket and zipper pocket for notes and loose change.

#9 Doraemon x Gucci iPhone 11 phone case

Doraemon x Gucci iPhone 11 phone casePhoto from Gucci

Show your love for Doraemon with this mini GG Supreme iPhone 11 case (260 GBP, ~468 SGD).

#10 Doraemon x Gucci cotton T-shirt

Doraemon x Gucci cotton T-shirtPhoto from Gucci

Nobody can resist a sweet pastel pink t-shirt (520 GBP, 935 SGD) that has both the Gucci logo and Doraemon smiling adorably on it!

The collection is currently available on the Gucci UK website and you can see the full collection here. Hopefully, it will be available in Singapore soon!

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