Author Of Popular K-Webtoon "True Beauty" Gains Attention For Looking Strikingly Similar To Lead Character

Author Of Popular K-Webtoon "True Beauty" Gains Attention For Looking Strikingly Similar To Lead Character

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ByWei Yin on 01 Feb 2021 Digital Editor

Fans of K-dramas would have surely heard of True Beauty, the currently airing drama which is an adaptation of the popular Korean webtoon of the same name.

But what many of you may not know is that the author of the webtoon has been gaining attention for looking strikingly similar to the female lead character!

Read on to find out more!

Yaongyi creator of True Beauty
Photo from @meow91__ via Instagram

29-year-old Kim Na Young is the author of True Beauty who writes under the alias Yaongyi (which translates to "meow" in English and explains her Instagram username @meow91__).

She has always been known for her good looks and hourglass figure but has been the talk of the town in recent weeks for looking strikingly similar to her own work's female lead character, Lim Ju Gyung.

Kim Na Young creator of True Beauty looking like Lim Ju Gyung in the webtoon
Photo from @meow91__ via Instagram

It's obvious Kim Na Young took inspiration from herself when she created Lim Ju Gyung. In fact, she recently revealed in a video interview that Lim Ju Gyung is "a character who reflects a lot of [her] own tastes" and wears clothes and makeup that she likes.

Creator of True Beauty webtoon Kim Na Young's ootd photo
Photo from @meow91__ via Instagram

Lim Ju Gyung's slim and toned body in the webtoon similar to Kim Na Young's hourglass figure is the envy of many ladies, so it's not surprising that fans were curious about her workout routine.

She shared that she used to exercise regularly but has been doing simple stretches and yoga at home now that she doesn't have as much time to hit the gym.

True Beauty creator Kim Na Young and Lim Ju Gyung
Photo from @meow91__ via Instagram


But it's not just their looks that are similar! Even their personalities are a mirror image of each other.

If you have watched or read True Beauty, you would know that Lim Ju Gyung has an introverted personality and treats the people around her with warmth. Kim Na Young's personality type is ISFP, which means she is introverted but also charming and sensitive to others, just like Lim Ju Gyung.

Lim Ju Gyung in True Beauty webtoon
Photo from @meow91__ via Instagram

And if you are curious about Lim Ju Gyung's beauty routine, Kim Na Young herself has just revealed in a video how she achieves the different makeup looks!

She shared some tips and tricks on how she creates the makeup looks on Lim Ju Gyung and the products she uses.

Check out the video below:

Do you think Kim Na Young and Lim Ju Gyung have an uncanny resemblance?

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