Park Bom Stuns With Amazing Weight Loss Transformation In Preparation For Her Comeback

Park Bom Stuns With Amazing Weight Loss Transformation In Preparation For Her Comeback

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By Wei Yin on 04 Jan 2021
Digital Editor

K-pop idol Park Bom previously sparked worried comments when she graced the 56th Grand Bell Awards' red carpet in June last year.

Netizens commented on her weight gain and looks, attributing the drastic change in her appearance to excessive plastic surgery. Amidst the sea of comments, there were also some who expressed concern about Park Bom's health.

But it seems like now, fans no longer have to worry because the singer has just updated her Instagram account with new photos, showing a healthier version of herself.

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Park Bom before and after weight loss
Photo from @newharoobompark via Instagram

Park Bom stunned fans in a before and after photo uploaded onto her Instagram account showing her impressive weight loss transformation.

She used a photo from her appearance at the 56th Grand Bell Awards as the 'before' and a photo of herself taken recently after slimming down as the 'after'.

A watermark can be seen in the 'after' photo, revealing that the singer had worked with Juvis, a healthcare group that has also helped a few notable Korean celebrities in their weight loss journey. Super Junior's Shindong and singer Huh Gak are some of them.

Park Bom before and after weight loss with Juvis
Photo from Juvis

Park Bom also revealed in her Instagram post that she has lost a total of 11kg, from 70kg to 59kg.

She mentioned that taking medication for her attention deficit disorder made it hard for her to lose weight. However, she has now lost weight, is taking less medication and feels healthier!


Park Bom after losing weight
Photo from Juvis

In other 'after' photos, Park Bom is seen with her trademark toned and long legs and a slimmer face and waist.

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Apart from updating fans about her weight loss journey, Park Bom also made sure to keep them excited by uploading a short snippet of her singing on Instagram and telling fans to look forward to her comeback.

We are glad Park Bom is back happier and healthier than ever and just like her fans, we can't wait to hear her powerful vocals in new songs once again!

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