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Adele Stuns With Impressive Weight Loss In Latest IG Photo On 32nd Birthday

Adele Stuns With Impressive Weight Loss In Latest IG Photo On 32nd Birthday

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By Rachel on 08 May 2020
Senior Digital Editor

For the longest time, we’ve known of Adele as a plus-sized singer - not that it mattered. We loved her powerful singing chops, big personality, and how she’s been unapologetic about her curves.

Throughout last year, however, she has surprised fans multiple times with a visibly slimmer figure. And right now, she’s gotten people talking once again in her first Instagram post of 2020, flaunting the results of further weight loss.

Read on to find out about how she did it!

Adele skinnyPhoto from @adele via Instagram

The photo was uploaded on Adele’s Instagram account on 5th May 2020, her birthday. In it, she’s posing behind a grand floral frame while clad in a body-hugging black number.

Thanking everyone for the “birthday love” in her caption, the 32-year-old also took the time to express gratitude for all essential workers, calling them “angels” for their sacrifices in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

While her love for long-sleeved dresses hasn’t seemed to waver, her current physique is a complete 180-degree change from when she first got famous. Here’s a refresher:

adele before weight lossPhoto from Splash News

One could say she’s virtually unrecognisable. Despite the multiple photos she posted in 2019 showing off a more slender figure, her new post has garnered a whirlwind of attention and praise from shocked fans and celebrity friends alike. At time of writing, it has over 9 million likes.


“I used to cry but now I sweat”, she also quipped in an earlier post.

We know for a fact that a personal trainer has helped her through her journey, with a mix of cardio, circuit training, and pilates. Sources have said that she’s working out more for her health than to fit into mainstream beauty standards.

Adele after losing weightPhoto from @adele via Instagram

Exercise aside, there has been much talk about Adele’s diet. Her former trainer Camila Goodis was slammed last year for putting her on just 1,000 calorie per day. Rumour has it that she is currently on the Sirtfood Diet, which restricts you to foods rich in sirtuin - also known as the “skinny gene” which boosts metabolism.

This includes mainly fruits and veg like kale, strawberries, and broccoli. Buckwheat and walnuts are also allowed. Interestingly, you can enjoy red wine and dark chocolate on this diet, so it’s not all just green and grains.

Adele has never explicitly confirmed or denied the speculations regarding her food intake. In any case, we are glad to see her looking healthy and happy. Good on her for committing to her fitness goals!

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