8 Hot Korean Actors & Their Current Or Upcoming Dramas You Need To Check Out

8 Hot Korean Actors & Their Current Or Upcoming Dramas You Need To Check Out

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By Wei Yin on 14 Jan 2021
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K-dramas are not only known for their tear jerking storylines, sizzling chemistry between leads and beautiful cinematography, but also the good-looking male leads who are eye candies!

These actors contribute to the success of K-dramas, especially when their good looks are paired with their equally compelling acting chops.

We have rounded up a list of eight hottest Korean actors to look out for with suggestions on their dramas you need to check out.

The good news is that these dramas are available on the iQIYI International mobile app that is free to download and www.iQ.com. Streaming on iQIYI gives you access to English subtitles, HD quality (720p), and you can even watch some of the K-dramas the same time they air in Korea.

Read on to find out more about the eight hot Korean actors!

#1 Rowoon 

Rowoon in She Would Never Know
Photo from iQIYI International

Catch Rowoon, a member of K-pop group SF9, in his upcoming drama, She Would Never Know.

She Would Never Know tells the love story between an older woman and younger guy who have a senior-junior relationship. Yoon Song Ah (Won Jin Ah) is a marketer for a cosmetic brand who dreams of starting her own brand one day. Chae Hyun Seung (Rowoon) works as a marketer with Yoon Song Ah and becomes attracted to her. Though she rejects his advances as she does not see younger guys as prospective partners, her dashing, younger colleague is bold, sweet, and never gives up on proving his sincerity to her. 

Rowoon and Won Jin Ah in She Would Never Know
Photo from iQIYI International

The 'older woman-younger guy' premise is popular in the K-drama universe so we are excited to see how Rowoon executes his role in this one! Plus, his boyish good looks and tall height (191cm!) will surely make viewers' hearts flutter. This will also be Rowoon's second lead role after the success of his 2019 drama, Extraordinary You (also available on iQIYI). Fans can look forward to seeing him in a sweet role where he puts in his all for the female lead once again!

She Would Never Know will premiere on 18 January 2021 with one new episode every Monday and Tuesday at 8PM, the same time it airs in Korea.

Watch the preview here.

#2 Kim Myung Soo

Kim Myung Soo in Royal Secret Agent
Photo from iQIYI International

Royal Secret Agent stars Infinite's Kim Myung Soo, or L, as fans would know him to be.

Sung Yi Gyeom (Kim Myung Soo) placed first in the state examination and now works at Hongmungwan, the Administrative and Research Department. But, he lives his life without any goals or ambitions. One day, he gets caught gambling and is punished to work as a Secret Royal Inspector where he has to eliminate crimes and corruption. He carries out his new job with the help of Hong Da In (Kwon Nara) and Park Chun Sam (Lee Yi Kyung).

Kim Myung Soo topless in Royal Secret Agent
Photo from iQIYI International

Kim Myung Soo is a familiar face for those who are into K-pop. He is often considered as one of the most good looking idols, thanks to his chiselled face and tall nose. His buff physique also recently created buzz online so don't be fooled by his youthful looks! Royal Secret Agent is his last project before he enlists for military service so make sure you catch him in it, otherwise, you will have to wait another two years to see him in new dramas once again.

Filled with comedic twists that make the show a light-hearted watch, Royal Secret Agent is now available for streaming every Monday and Tuesday at 8.30PM, the same time it airs in Korea.

Watch episode 1 here.

#3 Eric Mun

Eric Mun in The Spies Who Loved Me
Photo from iQIYI International

Calling all OG K-pop fans! Shinhwa's Eric Mun's latest drama, The Spies Who Loved Me, is a must-watch romcom.

Three people with secrets enter into marriage contracts while concealing their real identities. Kang Ah Reum (Yoo In Na) is a wedding dress designer who accidentally becomes involved in spy warfare because of her two mysterious husbands. Her ex-husband, Jun Ji Hoon (Eric Mun), disguises himself as a travel writer but is actually working for Interpol. Her current husband, Derek Hyun (Im Joo Hwan), is a diplomat on the surface but is actually a corporate spy. When an accident occurs, how will their secrets and identities emerge?

Eric Mun in cowboy outfit in The Spies Who Loved Me
Photo from iQIYI International

Eric Mun has been in the industry for more than 20 years and has acted in countless projects thus far, with his acting skills getting recognised especially in romantic comedies. The singer-actor may be 42 this year but his charm only grows with age and staying in shape has certainly added on to his masculine appeal!

All episodes of The Spies Who Loved Me are now available for streaming.

Watch episode 1 here.

#4 Park Ji Hoon

Love Revolution K-drama
Photo from iQIYI International

Park Ji Hoon first rose to fame in a reality competition show where he came in second. After the disbandment of his idol group Wanna One, the singer has been active in K-dramas and fans can catch him in his latest drama, Love Revolution.

Gong Ju Young (Park Ji Hoon) is a 17-year-old high school student who falls in love at first sight with Wang Ja Rim (Lee Ruby) after she helps him pay for the bus fare when he forgets his wallet. He tries all sorts of ways to pursue her but his affections were never returned. Even so, Gong Ju Young perseveres and this leads to a sweet romantic comedy.

Park Ji Hoon
Photo from iQIYI International

Park Ji Hoon is the epitome of a pretty boy with his big eyes and rosy pink lips, making him the perfect actor to play the role of a young student in love. In case you didn't know, Park Ji Hoon was also a child actor so you don't doubt his acting skills just because he's young! Being an ex-idol has also surely taught him how to make the right facial expressions to pull off this cute and fresh character.

All episodes of Love Revolution are now available for streaming.

Watch episode 1 here.

#5 Hwang Jung Min

Hwang Jung Min in Hush
Photo from iQIYI International

Hwang Jung Min has returned to the small screen in Hush after eight years!

Han Jun Hyeok (Hwang Jung Min) is a seasoned reporter who first became one to pursue justice, but is now conflicted between choosing idealism or pragmatism. He also deals with personal family issues as a husband and father. Lee Ji Soo (Yoona) is a daring intern reporter who isn't afraid to speak her mind, even during a job interview. She meets Han Jun Hyeok as her mentor and begins to dream of becoming a true journalist.

Hush K-drama poster
Photo from iQIYI International

Hwang Jung Min might be the oldest actor (51) in this list but that also means he has the most acting experience under his belt! His role shuffles between being an experienced yet jaded reporter, a father, a son to his ailing dad and a mentor to interns - the emotions he portrays will surely tug on viewers' heartstrings. Try watching Hush if stellar acting skills are something you consider when choosing a new drama to watch because only a seasoned actor like him would be able to nail this role.

Hush is now available for streaming every Friday and Saturday at 10PM, the same time it airs in Korea.

Watch episode 1 here.

#6 Lee Joon Ki

Lee Joon Ki in Lawless Lawyer
Photo from iQIYI International

Lawless Lawyer starring Lee Joon Ki is a 2018 drama that is also available on iQIYI!

Bong Sang Pil (Lee Joon Ki) grew up living the hooligan life but when his mother dies tragically, he decides to avenge her death by becoming a lawyer. He begins to go after people with power who think they are above the law and manages to amass a winning streak. Ha Jae Yi (Seo Ye Ji) is a young lawyer who believes in the law being sacred. However, her license gets suspended when she hits a judge over an unfair ruling. Jae Yi ends up working for Sang Pil and they join forces to beat the most powerful people. 

Lee Joon Ki and Seo Ye Ji in Lawless Lawyer
Photo from iQIYI International

Lee Joon Ki is also another established actor with superb acting skills which makes Lawless Lawyer a must-watch! In it, he plays a charming rebel lawyer and this role successfully allows him to show off his versatile acting chops. Having to portray a feisty role who has a heart of gold is not an easy feat but Lee Joon Ki has managed to do so perfectly.

All episodes of Lawless Lawyer are now available for streaming.

Watch episode 1 here.

#7 Ju Ji Hoon

Ju Ji Hoon in Jirisan
Photo from iQIYI International

You may recognise Ju Ji Hoon from the iconic K-drama Princess Hours from 2006 but the actor has also been consistently acting in newer projects that have become popular too. Fans can catch him next in Jirisan.

Kang Hyun Joo (Ju Ji Hoon) is a military academy graduate who joins Seo Yi Kang (Jun Ji Hyun), a professional ranger who knows everything about navigating Mount Jiri, as her partner. Jirisan is a mystery drama about park rangers who rescue people at Mount Jiri, the tallest mountain in South Korea.

Ju Ji Hoon and Jun Ji Hyun in Jirisan
Photo from iQIYI International

Kim Eun Hee, who wrote Kingdom, the Korean zombie series, is also the screenwriter for Jirisan so you know this is going to be good! This drama will also be bringing together some of Korea's best actors such as Jun Ji Hyun and veteran actor Sung Dong Il. The pairing of two established actors, Ju Ji Hoon and Jun Ji Hyun, is something to look forward to!

Jirisan will be available for streaming on iQIYI sometime in 2021.

#8 Jang Ki Yong

Jang Ki Yong in My Roommate is A Gumiho
Photo from iQIYI International

Jang Ki Yong is another actor to feast your eyes on! He will be acting as a nine-tailed fox in his upcoming drama My Roommate is a Gumiho.

My Roommate is a Gumiho is a fantasy romance drama based on a webtoon. Lee Dam (Lee Hyeri from Girl's Day) is a college student who accidentally swallows the marble of Shin Woo Yeo (Jang Ki Yong), a male nine-tailed fox. The human who ingests the marble can only live for one year while the nine-tailed fox will not be able to become human without the marble. Shin Woo Yeo suggests living together with Lee Dam to think of a solution and this becomes the start of an unexpected romance.

Jang Ki Yong and Lee Hyeri in My Roommate is A Gumiho
Photo from iQIYI International

The model-turned-actor is a sight to behold with his tall physique and sharp features that are perfect for a mythical creature. If watching dramas is like an escape from reality for you, you will love My Roommate is a Gumiho and Jang Ki Yong's character is something exciting to look out for too!

My Roommate is a Gumiho will be available for streaming on iQIYI sometime in 2021.

Where to watch these actors and their dramas

As mentioned, these dramas are all either already available or will be airing soon on www.iQ.com and on the iQIYI mobile app! Download the iQIYI mobile app here to watch these dramas on the go, with English subtitles and in HD quality (720p)!

This post is brought to you by iQIYI International. 

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