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6 Places In Singapore To Get Mahjong Nails For CNY So You Can Get "Man Tai" All The Time

6 Places In Singapore To Get Mahjong Nails For CNY So You Can Get "Man Tai" All The Time

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By Wei Yin on 16 Jan 2021
Digital Editor

It's almost Chinese New Year and apart from dressing yourself up in pretty outfits, it's also time to think of a CNY-themed design for your nails.


And since brands have been jumping on the mahjong bandwagon, from the $20,000 Tiffany & Co. mahjong set to the limited edition SIA mahjong set, why not take inspiration from them and dress your nails in a mahjong theme too?

We have compiled a list of six places to get mahjong nails in Singapore, ranging from gel manicures to press-on nails.

Check then out below!

#1 Chio Studio

Chio Studio mahjong nailsPhoto from Chio Studio

Chio Studio takes mahjong nails up a notch with its design featuring a red nail with a gold "有钱" (rich) sticker that will surely give you good luck so you can hu all your mahjong games! The rest of the nails are kept simple with a white background, replicating what the real mahjong tiles look like.

A set costs $55 with classic gel manicure.


Send Chio Studio a DM on Instagram here to make a booking.


Mahjong nail design by phenomenail.sgPhoto from via Instagram

If you are looking for classic mahjong nail designs, you will like'sThese are press-ons which means you can apply and remove them whenever you want, great for those who only need that extra luck during mahjong games. You can also customise the shape and length of the nails.

A set costs $16 (U.P. $20) from now till 1 February 2021.

Send a DM on Instagram here to order.

#3 Project Nails

Project Nails colourful mahjong nailsPhoto from @projectnailssg via Instagram


Project Nails' mahjong nails include gold foil and glitter, instantly transforming the design into something more luxurious. The 'tiles' are also hand drawn! You don't necessarily have to follow the colours in the image above so go ahead and customise something that suits your taste.

This design costs $50 (add on $45 for express gel or $70 for classic gel manicure).

Give Project Nails a call at 63441636 or WhatsApp 96269138 to make a booking.

#4 Cisters' Studio

Cisters' Studio mahjong nailsPhoto from @cistersstudio via Instagram

Cisters' Studio's mahjong nails design is simple, straight to the point and easy on the eyes. There are no extravagant gems, colours or glitter, just a white background with the mahjong tiles design. Choose your own combination of tiles and hopefully it will help you get man tai all the time!

A set costs $50 with classic gel manicure.

WhatsApp Cisters' Studio at 93809539 to make a booking.


#5 Nailsbylyth 

Nailsbylyth white mahjong nailsPhoto from @nailsbylyth via Instagram

If you prefer press-on nails, consider getting them from Nailsbylyth. Her classic mahjong design on a white nail background will easily match with any outfit you have on.

A set costs $13 and it's inclusive of all items in a press-on set. You also have the option of getting this design on your actual nails at a cost of $20 (express gel manicure) or $45 (express gel extensions), valid till 31 January 2021.

Send Nailsbylyth a DM on Instagram here to make a booking or to order.


Hand drawn mahjong nails by manimanii.sgPhoto from via Instagram

Here's another set of mahjong press-on nails but the tiles are hand drawn one by one by so you can imagine the amount of effort she has to put in! Though she is fairly new to this, her intricate mahjong nails certainly prove that she has talent.

A set costs $14.

Send a DM on Instagram here to order.

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