Chinese New Year Nail Designs For All The Mahjong Fans

Chinese New Year Nail Designs For All The Mahjong Fans

ByWei Yin on 26 Dec 2019 Digital Editor

Chinese New Year is not Chinese New Year without seeing your relatives playing with poker cards and mahjong.

The iconic mahjong scene in Crazy Rich Asians may have sparked your interest in learning how to play mahjong or if you are already a fan, you will definitely love these mahjong nail designs fit for CNY.

Check them out below!

#1 3D colourful mahjong nails

Colourful 3d mahjong nails
Photo from NailArtIDLab

These 3D mahjong nails on top of different pastel-coloured nails are too adorable! It's like miniature mahjong tiles attached to your nails and will surely wow everyone who sees them on you.

Try out this nail design if you want a cute twist to the usual white mahjong tiles.

#2 Glossy mahjong tile nails

Mahjong nails with green nail colour
Photo from Pinterest

Break the repetitive mahjong tile design by alternating the design on your fingers with a plain green nail colour.

Glossy mahjong tiles
Photo from @满满🐘 via 小红书

Different kinds of glossy mahjong tiles
Photo from @满满🐘 via 小红书

If you like having all 10 of your fingers look like mahjong tiles, draw Chinese characters on some fingers and the pictures or patterns on mahjong tiles on your other fingers.

Mahjong nails with real mahjong tiles
Photo from @李菲比 via 小红书


Sometimes, drawing such intricate nail designs can be very challenging so purchasing mahjong nail stickers to stick onto your nails works! There are many designs online to choose from too.

Use a glossy top coat for a shiny and glistening look just like what the real mahjong tiles look like.

#3 Matte mahjong tile nails

Matte mahjong tile nails
Photo from @龙又B via 小红书

If glossy nails are not your thing, matte mahjong tile nails will look really good too!

Matte mahjong nails with red colour nails
Photo from @暴躁de兔子 via 小红书

Add red colour nails with auspicious words in gold to amp up the huat factor.

#4 Mahjong tiles and lucky cat design

Mahjong tiles and lucky cat design
Photo from @会种草的丽丽酱 via 小红书

Attach or draw on a lucky cat (招财猫) on your nails to hopefully help you win all the rounds when you are playing mahjong!

Which of these designs is your favourite? Save the photo and show it to your manicurist to replicate.

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Text by: GirlStyle SG

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