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Sold-Out SIA Mahjong Set Is Available For Pre-Order Again For The Last Time At $338

Sold-Out SIA Mahjong Set Is Available For Pre-Order Again For The Last Time At $338

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By Wei Yin on 16 Dec 2020
Digital Editor

Brands like Tiffany & Co., Louis Vuitton and Hermès have been jumping on the mahjong bandwagon and now, Singapore Airlines (SIA) is also selling limited edition mahjong sets!


But what sets it apart from the other brands is that you won't have to burn a hole in your pocket to afford the SIA Mahjong Set. 

Read on to find out more!

SIA Mahjong Set full viewPhoto from KrisShop

The set features the brand's signature batik motif as well as flight-related elements.

SIA Mahjong Set batik print casePhoto from KrisShop

SIA Mahjong Set KrisShop logoPhoto from KrisShop

Just like any other mahjong set, the SIA Mahjong Set comes with tiles, coins and dice, all packaged in a luxurious-looking navy blue case with batik print and the KrisShop logo.


SIA Mahjong Set close up on tilesPhoto from KrisShop

SIA Mahjong Set mahjong tilesPhoto from KrisShop

The designs for the tiles are all inspired by the airline:

  • Flowers & Seasons: Batik motif inspired by local flowers.
  • White Board: The aircraft window representing the white board tile.
  • Circles: Inspired by aircraft engines.
  • Bamboo: Reflects an aircraft's seat map while the first bamboo tile depicts the SIA logo.
  • Honour: The fei tile features a traveller.

SIA Mahjong Set back of tilesPhoto from KrisShop

The back of the tiles is equally stunning with the batik print outlined in gold, further amping up the luxe factor.

SIA Mahjong Set coinsPhoto from KrisShop

The coins are also worthy of note as they take on the colours of the four iconic SQ girl sarong kebaya uniforms - blue, green, red and purple.

Inside the SIA Mahjong SetPhoto from KrisShop

Pre-order the Singapore Airlines Limited Edition Mahjong Set

Ever since the limited edition mahjong set got sold out almost immediately upon its launch, people have been reselling them on Carousell at exorbitant prices. But now's your last chance to get the mahjong set at its retail price!

KrisShop is holding its last round of pre-ordering for the mahjong set at $338 or 42,250 miles and you can place an order here.

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