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5 Best Free Budgeting Apps To Download To Help You Manage Your Expenses In 2021

5 Best Free Budgeting Apps To Download To Help You Manage Your Expenses In 2021

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By Wei Yin on 17 Dec 2020
Digital Editor

Once you have learnt how to budget your expenses and set a goal for 2021, the next step is to download a budgeting app that will help you keep track of your expenses and savings.


The good thing about downloading a budgeting app is that you will have it with you everywhere you go since most of us will never leave the house without our phones. Simply run the app to make a note whenever you spend and it will be organised neatly for you.

Here are five best budgeting apps that are free to download.

Check them out below!

#1 Monny 

Monny budgeting app dashboardPhoto from Monny

If you are looking for a fuss-free app that allows you to understand your expenses with just one quick glance, Monny will be perfect for you as the app's dashboard is clean and straight to the point.

Monny budgeting app daily challengesPhoto from Monny


But this no-frills app can be fun too! Challenge yourself to save more money or to keep your moolah under control.

Monny budgeting app accountsPhoto from Monny

You will also get to customise accounts to cater to your personal needs.

Get unlimited income and expense entries, access to the challenge theme park, unlimited account books, backup support and basic reports (monthly finance report sorted according to date, category and amount).

The optional premium version comes with a passcode lock, top 10 expenses ranking chart and more.

Download here: iOS | Android

#2 Spendee

Spendee budgeting app categorisation Photo from Spendee


Spendee is a colourful yet neat app that is easy on the eyes and user-friendly.

Connect it with your online banking to easily track your wealth in one place so you can stick to your goals while staying organised! Data also gets immediately sorted and displayed in foolproof infographics.

Spendee budgeting cash expensesPhoto from Spendee

Create budgets and the app will update you on your progress so you know if you are on track or not.

Spendee budgeting app insightsPhoto from Spendee

The app also provides tips and tricks that will help you with your finances.

Other features include Shared Finances, Multiple Currencies, Dark Mode, Secure Data Sync and more.

Download here: iOS | Android


#3 Household Account Book

Household Account Book budgeting appPhoto from Household Account Book

Household Account Book is probably the cutest budgeting app you will ever come across! The adorable interface featuring loveable illustrations will make budgeting and saving feel less like a chore.

Household Account Book budgeting expenses pagePhoto from Household Account Book

This easy-to-use app mainly focuses on two functions: helps you to keep track of your income and expenses and provides you with a pie graph to help you understand your spending habits.

Household Account Book budgeting app wallpaperPhoto from Household Account Book

You will also get to read a comic in the app and save wallpapers! The longer you use the app, the more you will get to read.

Download here: iOS | Android


#4 Fortune City

Fortune City budgeting appPhoto from Fortune City

Make budgeting a bit more exciting with Fortune City, a simulation game where you get to watch your city flourish into a beautiful metropolis every time you record your income and expenses!

Fortune City budgeting at a glancePhoto from Fortune City

The interface allows you to track your spending, categorise transactions in a few simple taps, and organise them into pie and bar charts so you can see everything at a glance.

There are over 10 different categories and multiple accounts so you can keep clear records.

Fortune City budgeting game appPhoto from Fortune City

The fun part about the app is you get to choose from a variety of themes to personalise your city and collect different buildings, vehicles and citizens to inhabit your town. The happier your citizens are, the more prosperous your city!


Download here: iOS | Android

#5 Money Lover

Money Lover budgeting appPhoto from Money Lover

Money Lover believes that budgeting should be a breeze so you can better manage your finances, stay on top of budgets and ultimately, save money.

This simple app focuses on helping you keep track of expenses and plan budgets ahead.

Money Lover budgeting track expensesPhoto from Money Lover

Easily plan your expenses, see what you are spending your money on and understand your spending habits with easy-to-read reports.

Money Lover forecast budgetPhoto from Money Lover

Something unique about the app is that it can predict future spending based on your spending history. It will then give you advice on how you can stick to budgets so you accomplish your goals!

Download here: iOS | Android

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