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Start Small With These Money Saving Challenges For Spendthrifts

Start Small With These Money Saving Challenges For Spendthrifts

By Wei Yin on 11 Nov 2019
Digital Editor

Calling all spendthrifts, it's time to start saving for that holiday you have been wanting to go on and for rainy days!


Trust us, we get that it's easier said than done (especially when you crave instant gratification), which is why we have compiled these money saving challenges for you to start small and hopefully see that saving is not that difficult after all.

Check them out below!

#1 30-day saving challenge

30 day saving challengePhoto from Pinterest

If you have been wanting to get that bag or pair of shoes but can't seem to save enough money for it, this 30-day challenge will help you and make you see that even spendthrifts can save!

Why not start the next month and save $1 on the first day, $2 on the second day and so forth? By the end of the month, you should have $465 saved for you to spend it on something you were eyeing or simply keep it for rainy days.

Increasing an extra dollar everyday will make it seem like your cash is not depleting that much in one go and this can motivate you to stick to the saving plan.


#2 Daily saving challenge

Daily money saving challengePhoto from Pinterest

It doesn't sound too difficult to save $1 on Monday then $2 on Tuesday and so forth, right? The most amount of money you will be taking out of your wallet in one day and into your piggy bank is only $7!

This is one of the easiest saving challenges so, do this everyday and you will have $1456 saved in a year. It will be enough for a short holiday somewhere near Singapore and this is already considered a huge feat for a spendthrift!

#3 Monthly saving challenge

Monthly saving challengePhoto from Pinterest

Save $25 in the first month and increase $25 every month. Slowly decrease $25 every month towards the end of the year and by then you should have $1050 saved.

If you have a steady income of salary every month, this monthly saving challenge shouldn't be a problem for you. If it is still too much for you, tweak it to suit your budget but keep in mind to follow the idea of increasing the same amount every month.

#4 Random money saving challenge

Random money saving challengePhoto from Pinterest

If you hate routine and don't think you can save the same amount per day, try out this painless and random saving challenge.

Print this out and colour in a box every week. The fun part is you get to choose how much you wish to save for that week, which means if you are strapped for cash for that week, you can save less. When you are feeling motivated, colour the box with a higher amount.

By the end of the year, you should have at least $1000 saved!

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