Extremely Dark Matte Black Apple Products Rumoured To Be Launched In The Future

Extremely Dark Matte Black Apple Products Rumoured To Be Launched In The Future

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ByKarmen on 09 Dec 2020 Digital Editor

The thing about Apple products is that once you get one, you'll be tempted to collect them all from iPhones to AirPods and new releases whenever they pop up. Well, get ready to face the same temptation again as it's rumoured that Apple may be releasing extremely matte black versions of their products that look cool AF.

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Apple has recently filed a patent with the US Patent and Trademark Office which has sparked rumours that they may be applying an ultra black, matte finish on their products.

Titled "Anodized Part Having A Matte Black Appearance", the patent suggests that this isn't a mere black shade that you typically see. It states that the anodized part includes "an external surface that includes randomly distributed light-absorbing features that are capable of absorbing visible light incident upon the external surface."

This sounds similar to the light-absorbing Vantablack created by Surrey NanoSystems, a material so dark that it makes objects applied with it appear to have disappeared like a black hole.

vantablack circle on hand
Photo from Surrey NanoSystems

Besides looking super cool, this effect could hide scratches and dents on electronic products. Even if the Apple products aren't as dark as Vantablack, it may still have some extent of this useful feature - perfect for clumsy folks whose electronics look worn out in no time.


Although you can easily purchase a cover or sticker for your Apple products to get a similar look, it would be pretty cool to get an extreme matte black iPhone or MacBook right out of the box. Imagine the intense all-black aesthetic that those who succumb and collect them all will have on their desk!

matte black apple imac, iphone and macbook
Photo from @anckor via Instagram

matte black apple ipods, iphone and macbook
Photo from Pinterest

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