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10 Most Beautiful Sunset Locations In Singapore For Photo Backdrops & Stunning Views

10 Most Beautiful Sunset Locations In Singapore For Photo Backdrops & Stunning Views

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By Karmen on 27 Dec 2020
Digital Editor

If you're a sucker for a good view and Insta-worthy photo backdrop, there are 10 gorgeous sunset spots in Singapore that you can feast your eyes on and fill your IG feed with.


#1 Changi Point Western Boardwalk

sunset at Changi Point Western BoardwalkPhoto from @yehlenarevz via Instagram

The best spot to catch a beautiful sunset at Changi Point Coastal Walk is at the west side where the boardwalk extends out in to the waters.

Address: 7A Gosport Rd, Singapore 509710

#2 Stella at NSRCC Sea Sports Centre

girl drinking cocktail behind sea at Changi Coast WalkPhoto from @kaixin6660 via Instagram

While Changi Point Coastal Walk is a great spot for sunset views and photo ops on its own, fellow foodies will agree that some grub would elevate the experience even further. Cue Stella, a restaurant you can find along the scenic walk that offers a romantic alfresco dining experience right next to the waters.


Address: 11 Changi Coast Walk, Singapore 499740

#3 Lower Peirce Reservoir 

sunset at Sengkang Riverside ParkPhoto from @daniceyoga via Instagram

Lower Peirce Reservoir, Singapore's second-oldest reservoir, is a lesser-known scenic nature spot and jogging trail that looks stunning when the sun sets. The gazebo in the middle of the water is a particularly pretty photo spot.

When you're not snapping photos, you can explore Singapore's flora and fauna along the 900-metre boardwalk.

sunset at Lower Peirce Reservoir Photo from @daniceyoga via Instagram

#4 Punggol Waterway Park

Punggol Waterway ParkPhoto from @_c__o__n_ via Instagram


sunset at Punggol Waterway ParkPhoto from @_c__o__n_ via Instagram

The sunset reflects on the waters at Punggol Waterway Park for a mesmerising photo backdrop. Another great photo spot is the Jewel Bridge with a dome structure in the middle of the walkway.

sunset at Jewel bridge at Punggol Waterway Park, SingaporePhoto from via Instagram

Address: Sentul Cres, Singapore 821313

#5 Upper Seletar Reservoir

sunset at Upper Seletar Reservoir with treePhoto from via Instagram

A popular wedding photo spot, Upper Seletar Reservoir looks particularly beautiful when lit by the golden hour sunlight. Pack a picnic and get ready for the opportune moment where the sun descends and creates a gorgeous photo backdrop like the one below.

picnic under tree at Upper Seletar ReservoirPhoto from @jinqmiin via Instagram


#6 The Pinnacle @Duxon 

sunset at The Pinnacle @Duxon rooftop in singaporePhoto from @theinsanewanderess via Instagram

This looks like a condo or fancy CBD skyscraper, but it's actually located at a HDB flat - The Pinnacle @Duxon. The 50th storey skybridge has a gorgeous view of the sunset. It isn't free for non-residents, though, costing $6 per entry.

Psst, there's another atas HDB flat in Singapore with free entry to its rooftop sky garden.

#7 Singapore River 

sunset at singapore riverPhoto from @yuniqueyuni via Instagram

The Singapore River is a pretty sight at any time of day but the rays of golden hour light makes it look even more ethereal.

#8 VivoCity 


sunset at vivocity boardwalkPhoto from @sscstrnngrhy via Instagram

Besides the Sentosa Boardwalk, the rooftop at VivoCity is another picturesque spot for sunsets with cable cars in the background.

#9 CE LA VI  

sunset at rooftop in singaporePhoto from @laiensarah via Instagram

CE LA VI is a rooftop restaurant at Marina Bay Sands Hotel that offers perfect photo spots where the sunset is complemented with the glittering Singapore skyline.

Address: 1 Bayfront Avenue. Level 57, Tower 3, Marina Bay Sands, Hotel, 018971

#10 Hot Jacuzzi at Marina Bay Sands Hotel 

girl in marina bay sands hotel jacuzzi sunset at rooftop in singaporePhoto from @chervonkhoo via Instagram

When you're on a staycation at Marina Bay Sands Hotel, don't just snap photos at the infinity pool! There's also a hot jacuzzi nearby where you can capture a stunning sunset photo.

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