8 Korean-Style Interior Design Ideas For Your HDB/BTO Bedroom In Singapore

8 Korean-Style Interior Design Ideas For Your HDB/BTO Bedroom In Singapore

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By Karmen on 30 Oct 2020
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Whether it's food, style, films or drama series, Korea seems to always get it right. Everyone in the world is looking towards Korea for aesthetic inspiration, and that includes interior design.

We've found eight Korean bedroom interior design styles that you can easily replicate in your own BTO or HDB flat in Singapore.

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Soft lighting, practicality, small details and a sense of openness are some of the steps to get a Korean-style bedroom. If you're looking for more ideas and inspiration beyond these basic elements, here it is:

#1 Organic Korean bedroom interior design

white and olive green korean bedroom
Photo from @_a.rumyy via Instagram

green and yellow minimalist korean bedroom
Photo from @yyyyyh7277 via Instagram

An organic interior design is a loosely defined style that could mean using environmentally-friendly materials for the furniture, flooring, decor, etc. For example, you could use reclaimed wood chairs and natural fabrics for the bedsheets, or display a recycled seashell chandelier.

It can also be as simple as bringing natural elements into your home and avoiding synthetic materials like plastic, polyester and microfibre. Opt for colours you would find in nature like greens, browns and blues for a peaceful bedroom with a natural aesthetic.

#2 Shabby chic Korean bedroom interior design

Shabby chic Korean bedroom interior design
Photo from @___perola_ via Instagram

The shabby chic style in the West is characterised by excess, femininity, comfort and a sense of history. Shabby chic interiors usually have a slightly worn-out or distressed look with lots of decorative items and soft fabrics draped over furniture.

Korean home decorators put a spin on this style with smaller scale items from the furniture to the decorative items. The colour palette is also more toned down with light or pastel colours. This gives the room an airy and subdued look.

#3 Bohemian Korean bedroom interior design

Bohemian Korean bedroom interior design
Photo from @1__xixx via Instagram

Bohemian Korean bedroom interior design
Photo from @1__xixx via Instagram

Bohemian Korean bedroom interior design
Photo from @no.noru via Instagram

Bohemian interior design has an eclectic mix of the old and the new with warm earth tones, vibrant colours, clashing prints and layered textures. Go for dark woods, natural materials and don't hold back on the decor. Display items from your travels, books, photographs, etc. for a true boho vibe. If you find mixing prints tricky, choose small prints and stick to the same colour family.

To keep the Korean aesthetic in your bohemian-style bedroom, decorate with small items, make sure there's some breathing space on the white walls, and go for a low bed.

#4 Modern minimalist Korean bedroom interior design

all-white minimalist korean bedroom
Photo from @lazy.mansion via Instagram

Modern minimalist interiors are defined by simple and functional furniture with little to no detail, clean lines, a clean colour palette and a light, open space.

This Korean bedroom has all these characteristics and a mostly white or off-white colour palette but still looks cosy and inviting. The floor-level bed and little homey touches like the flowers, rug and pillow add warmth to the otherwise clinical room.


#5 Zen minimalist Korean bedroom interior design

Zen minimalist Korean bedroom interior design
Photo from @minhyung_yook via Instagram

The zen minimalist style has the same clean lines, simplicity and muted colour palette but with a little more warmth and a touch of nature.

Natural materials like wood add colour while still keeping the space clean and minimal while houseplants help create a soothing atmosphere. Shoji-inspired furniture also adds a zen aesthetic to the room.

#7 Vintage-style Korean bedroom interior design

Vintage-style Korean bedroom with art gallery wall
Photo from @_beige.bom via Instagram

While minimalists are relaxed in a stripped-down, bare environment, others feel more at home when they're surrounded by some clutter. If you're in the latter group, consider the Korean-style vintage interior design.

Get this charming, old-fashioned look with a warm colour palette of beige, grey, cream and brown. Furnish the room with aged furnishings that look like they were passed down from your grandparents. Pieces with scratches, dents and other imperfections will add to the vintage look. For decor, choose items that have an aged look like old magazine clippings, black and white photos or a vintage-style radio.

Again, keep the Korean aesthetic with a low bed, simple walls, small-scale items and plain sheer curtains.

#7 Dorm room-style Korean bedroom interior design

Dorm room-style Korean bedroom
Photo from @ggyonghouse via Instagram

Dorm room-style Korean bedroom with pastels and mixed prints
Photo from @legnini_ via Instagram

Although many dorm room occupants might think otherwise, the dorm-room aesthetic can be quite appealing when done right. A cosy and casual Korean dorm room-style interior design is perfect for those who want a pretty bedroom that's not too stylised or formal.

Create this look using simple and inexpensive furniture, bright colours and posters or photos displayed in a casual way like with washi tape rather than in picture frames. Exposed wiring and makeshift furniture can also add a casually stylish look to your bedroom. The key is to keep visual clutter to a minimum and stick to a colour theme.

#8 Contemporary Korean bedroom interior design

Korean bedroom with faux fireplace
Photo from @joheelife via Instagram

The contemporary Korean-style bedroom is a more serene and aesthetic-focused version of modern interior design.

Get the look by incorporating architectural details, clean lines and curves, geometric shapes and neutral colours like black, white and grey. While most Singapore HDB and BTO flats don't have much in terms of architectural interest, you can always add on your own like the faux fireplace mantel above. While its design is simple and uncluttered, it adds a bold architectural statement to the room.

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