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Inside The Stylish Homes Of Korean Celebrities To Inspire Your HDB/BTO Renovation

Inside The Stylish Homes Of Korean Celebrities To Inspire Your HDB/BTO Renovation

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By Karmen on 22 May 2020
Digital Editor

Korean singer G-dragon from BIGBANG recently shared photos of his new apartment on Instagram which prompted us to dig out some Korean celebrities' luxurious cribs.


While celebrity homes can seem out of reach for us regular folks, Korean celebrities live in surprisingly laid back apartments and some of them could be replicated in our HDB flats!

Keep reading to check out 8 celebrity homes and former homes!

#1 G-Dragon

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Let's start off with the man who inspired this article. His penthouse is reportedly worth $10.4 million!

#2 Taeyang


Taeyang's former bachelor pad isn't a humongous apartment but actually moderately sized. It's also barely furnished with minimal decorations. He does have a few art pieces on display as well as an impressive walk-in wardrobe!

For with small HDB flats, check out five ways you can squeeze in a walk-in wardrobe.

#3 T.O.P

big bang top's apartment hallway and chairPhoto from @choi_seung_hyun_tttop via Instagram

big bang top's house interiorPhoto from @choi_seung_hyun_tttop via Instagram

big bang top's apartment living roomPhoto from @choi_seung_hyun_tttop via Instagram

We're on a BIGBANG roll here. T.O.P has revealed his apartment on Instagram and might we say it looks more like a museum than a home, in a good way!


#4 Sunny

Sunny from SNSD has a simple and stylish apartment with a charming feminine flair. Girly girls who like the look of a cosy home can take notes!

#5 Lee Dahae

Most known for her role in 2014 series Hotel King, actress Lee Dahae's apartment is sophisticated and elegant. She also has not one but two glamorous walk-in wardrobes and a cute pink-themed bedroom.

#6 Suzy


Suzy, formerly from Miss A, gave a house tour and what can we say, it's #relatable. While bring quite messy, it still looks very cosy and stylish with a princess vibe.

#7 Han Yeseul

Actress Han Yeseul's apartment looks like the visual representation of adulting! Her home looks like it came out of an interior design magazine but still doesn't look too sterile. She also has an amazing walk-in wardrobe!

#8 Lee Beomsoo

You might have seen actor Lee Beomsoo's apartment in reality series The Return of Superman. The apartment steers away from the typical minimalist interior style with colourful sofas, herringbone patterned floors, and dark cabinets.

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