7 Contact Lens Hacks For Beginners To Save Time & Make Your Life More Convenient

7 Contact Lens Hacks For Beginners To Save Time & Make Your Life More Convenient

ByKarmen on 03 Jul 2020 Digital Editor

Contact lenses give you the freedom of going glasses-free but come with its own cumbersome burdens, especially for beginners. Putting on and removing contacts can be challenging and cleaning them is a chore.

Besides hair, makeup and clothing hacks, there are also contact lens hacks you should know to save time and make your life more convenient.

Keep reading to find out the seven contact lens hacks for beginners! 

#1 Place the contact lens on the tip of your finger

right and wrong way of putting on contact lens
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Many contacts wearers place the lens on the flat pads of the fingers when placing them on the eye. This method tends to make the lens flatten on your finger when applied at the wrong angle or when it bumps into eyelashes.

A better way to do it is to place the lens right at the tip of your finger near your fingernail. The lens will be in contact with a smaller surface area of your finger which makes it less likely to fold and flatten. This will save you a lot of time and frustration when getting ready in the morning.

#2 Use a dry finger to wear contact lens

model wearing green contact lens from Korean brand Hapa Kristin
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Another tip is to make sure that the finger that the contact lens is resting on is dry. Contact lenses tend to stick to wet surfaces so putting them on with a wet finger might cause it to latch on to your finger instead of your eyes.

#3 Use the taco test to determine if your contact lens is facing the right way

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Your optometrist should have instructed you not to wear your contact lenses inside out. A common way to determine this is looking at the contact lens from the side to see if the rims are curved inwards or outwards. This might be difficult and time consuming especially for beginners.

A faster and easier way to check if your contact lens are the right way up is to use the taco test. Hold the contact lens between the tips of your thumb and index finger. Pinch the contact lens to make it into a taco shape. If the edge of the contact lens looks like a hard-shell taco, then it's facing the correct way. If the edge bends outwards and doesn't resemble a taco, then it's inside out.

#4 Push & slide method to remove contact lens

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The common way to remove contact lens is to pinch it directly at your iris but ladies with long fingernails will struggle to do this.

An easier way to remove your contact lens is to push and slide it off your eye before pinching it out. Pull your lower eyelid down and gently push the bottom edge of the contact lens downwards with your finger. The contact lens will dislodge from your eye and you can pinch it out. Don't use your fingernails to remove your contact lens as that may damage your cornea.


#5 Use an ultrasonic contact lens cleaner

Eyekan Contact Lens Cleaner in pastel colours
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Unless you use daily contact lenses, you'll have to go though the daily chore of rubbing and rinsing them. Well, you can skip this step by using an ultrasonic contact lens cleaner. Simply place your contact lenses and cleaning solution in the ultrasonic cleaner and let it do the hard work for you.

When high frequency ultrasonic waves pass through the cleaning solution, tiny bubbles form, expand and burst within the liquid. This process causes oils, dirt, and other impurities to fall off the lens.

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#6 Use fabric and a vacuum cleaner to find lost contact lens

Star Moon Chiffon Women's Transparent Tulle Socks
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If you drop your contact lens or they fall out of your eye, you will usually be able to find it easily by shining a light and looking out for a shiny reflective surface.

But if you still can't find it, you can secure a pair of stockings or tulle socks over the end of your vacuum cleaner head using a rubber band. Then, run the vacuum cleaner around the area where you lost the contact lens. Check the pantyhose periodically to see if the contact lens is stuck to it.

If you don't own stockings or tulle socks, add these Star Moon Chiffon Women's Transparent Tulle Socks ($1.29) from Shopee to your collection and let it double as a contact lens finder too! 😆

#7 Rinse & massage your eyes to remove contact lens under eyelids

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Occasionally, the lost contact lens might not be on the floor but still in your eye! When you rub your eyes too vigorously or sleep with contact lens on, it may shift from the iris and get stuck under your upper eyelid. You'll know it's there when you feel a foreign body sensation in your eye.

Instead of prying it out, add contact lens solution or eye drops to your eyes, close your eyes and gently massage your eyelid and blink a few times. The contact lens will most likely shift lower down where you can reach it with your fingers and pinch out. If you can't see the contact lens, keep rewetting your eyes, massaging your eyelids and blinking.

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