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Park Bom's New Appearance Sparks Worried Comments & Encouragement

Park Bom's New Appearance Sparks Worried Comments & Encouragement

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By Karmen on 04 Jun 2020
Digital Editor

K-pop idol Park Bom performed at the 56th Grand Bell Awards on June 3 and all eyes were on her the moment she stepped on the red carpet.


The former member of now disbanded group 2NE1 has previously received hurtful comments from netizens on her speculated plastic surgeries, but this time the comments were more of worry and also encouragement!

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Park Bom looked stunning as she stepped out in a yellow checkered two-piece outfit with a blazer and mini skirt that showed off her long legs. She also shone on stage and showed off her stage presence and trademark unique and strong vocals.

Park Bom wearing yellow checkered two-piece outfit with a blazer and mini skirtPhoto from Newsen via YouTube

However, netizens comments were more focused on her face! They expressed concern over what they perceived as a drastic change in her appearance possibly due to plastic surgery. These are some of the translated Korean as well as English comments:

"What happened to her.. Why does she looks like..."

"Who's her doctor? They should be convincing her she doesn't need more surgery."


"Control yourself, plastic surgeons."

"This is why plastic addiction is so scary."

"Oh.....The chin is just...."

"I'm worried for her"

This is a picture posted by Park Bom in January this year:

Park Bom with blonde hair performing on stagePhoto from newharoobompark via Instagram

Compared to her current appearance:

Park Bom in June 2020Photo from Newsen via YouTube


Some pointed out that it might have been weight gain rather than plastic surgery that led to her changed facial features.

"I think she gained weight. She didn't do surgery"

"Omg why gain weight all of a sudden? But that doesn't stop me from supporting her! Park Bommie fighting!"

There were also comments that praised her looks and discouraged negative comments about her appearance.

"She's still pretty and looks like a doll"

"Legs for days, Park Bom so pretty and tall"

" the people who is saying that she don't feel comfortable I think you guys should watch her performance in this event she is so confident on stage!"

Park Bom at 56th Grand Bell Awards red carpetPhoto from Newsen via YouTube

Her label D-Nation denied plastic surgery rumours, stating that "Park Bom has been going through a hard time because of stress. That's why she's going to be comfortable until the release of her next album."

They added that "she's been paying attention to her weight, and she's been comfortable, which is why she gained a bit of weight. She'll be taking a short break."

Park Bom at 56th Grand Bell AwardsPhoto from Newsen via YouTube

At the Grand Bell Awards, Park Bom also sent a message of gratitude and encouragement to medical workers, "We are in a difficult time due to the consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic, so I am extremely grateful to the medical workers who are working with their best efforts. Hopefully we will all overcome this hardship! Fighting."

We hope that Park Bom will stay healthy, happy and strong despite any hateful comments and we're looking forward to her comeback!

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