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3 Fun & Easy Character Desserts Recipes Using Simple Ingredients To Make At Home!

3 Fun & Easy Character Desserts Recipes Using Simple Ingredients To Make At Home!

By Viroon on 30 May 2020
Senior Creative Editor

Lava cakes and brownies are delicious and all, but who doesn’t love a cute and creative dessert? Upgrade the aesthetic for your dessert by adding your favourite characters. Here are some adorable dessert recipes for you to take inspiration.


Scroll on to see how easy you can make these desserts!

Gudetama-ParfaitPhoto from MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON

This parfait recipe is great for breakfast, brunch or afternoon snack. Feel free to add your favourite fruits or berries to the mix!

Yogurt Mousse
- 100g Sugar Free Yogurt
- 50ml Fresh Cream
- 20g Sugar
- 3g Gelatin

Mikan & Yellow Peach Jelly
- 100ml Mikan Juice (or any orange juice)
- 150g Tinned Peaches (with syrup)
- 5g Gelatin

? Click here for the Full Recipe!


Pompompurin pumpkin tartsPhoto from MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON

An entire pumpkin pie in ONE bite! Simple, sweet, and so delicious!

- 12 Tart Shells
- 150g Pumpkin (deseeded, skin taken off and made soft)
- 50ml Fresh Cream or Soy Milk
- 20-30g Sugar (Depending on the sweetness of the pumpkin)
- 1 Egg Yolk (small egg)
- Sliced Chocolate
- Canned Yellow Peach

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Totoro Black Sesame Seed PuddingPhoto from MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON

You can easily make this Black Sesame Pudding at home with just a few ingredients. The rich flavour of the sesame will absolutely delight your taste buds!

- Black Sesame Purin Mix
- Milk
- Pura Chocolate (Swiss chocolate also fine)
- Transparent Jar (Weck jar used)
- Almonds
- Fresh Cream
- Fruits of your choice

? Click here for the Full Recipe!

These recipes are all done by Kaori Kubota, from Hokkaido. Do check out and follow her on Instagram for more kawaii character-themed recipes!

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Enjoy these sweet treats and share with your friends too! ❤️

Text by: GirlStyle SG