8 Simple Tips For Thicker-Looking & Voluminous Hair

8 Simple Tips For Thicker-Looking & Voluminous Hair

ByKarmen on 15 May 2020 Digital Editor

Anyone in the thin hair club will understand the struggle of having sad and limp strands of hair that barely grazes our shoulders.

While we can't promise you a miracle of a sudden thick mane, there are some easy ways you can help stimulate hair growth as well as create the look of thicker and more voluminous hair.

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#1 Volumising shampoos and conditioners

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This is obvious but it's of the best and long-term ways to strengthen your hair and make it look thicker in the long run. Shampoos and conditioners designed for fine or thin hair usually contain fewer conditioning ingredients so they don't weigh hair down.

Moist Diane Perfect Beauty Extra Volume Scalp Shampoo
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Try the Moist Diane Perfect Beauty Extra Volume Scalp Shampoo ($16.90)! It contains keratin which adds body to fine and flat hair as well as Biotin which nourishes hair follicles and thickens hair for fuller and healthy-looking tresses.

#2 Add some waves or curls to your hair

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The dimension and texture of wavy or curly hair will make it appear fuller. Remember to protect your hair with a heat protectant spray before using any heat tools.

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Lazy girls can opt for a perm so you don't have to spend time curling your hair in the morning. Find out if curly hair will suit you or not and what curl type will suit your face shape!

#3 Use a velcro roller

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This old fashioned trick works well in creating the illusion of thicker hair especially at the crown!

Pull a section of your hair taut at a 90 degree angle from your head and roll the velcro roller from the ends of your hair to the root, until it's snug against your scalp. Repeat for the other sections of your hair. Wait for 10-20 minutes before taking out the rollers and you'll have thicker-looking hair!

#4 Dry shampoo


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Oiliness at the scalp is a common cause of thin and flat hair. A spritz of dry shampoo absorbs all that oil and makes your hair more voluminous!

#5 Get a shorter haircut

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Hair that's too long weighs down on your scalp and makes your hair look flat. You'd be surprised at how much thicker and heathier your hair would look after a few inches are taken off it. You could also try short hair! Check out some flattering short hairstyles and find out if it will suit you here!

#6 Hair extensions

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When all else fails, you can always fake it until you make it. 😂 Hair extensions can make you look like you have twice the amount of hair!

This also means that you can have more volume on top with a shorter haircut while still enjoying the feeling of having long hair while wearing extensions.

#7 Get highlights

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Flat, single-toned hair can look thin, especially if your hair is straight. Subtle highlights creates dimension and an illusion of fuller locks!

#8 Eat healthy fats

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Healthy fats like olive oil and Omega 3 not only prevent hair loss and damage but they also encourage new hair growth. Such foods include salmon, avocados, nuts, vegetables, and fruit. Check out some delicious and easy avocado toast and avocado ice cream recipes to make at home!

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