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A Guide To Which Length, Curl And Style To Go For When Getting Eyelash Extensions

A Guide To Which Length, Curl And Style To Go For When Getting Eyelash Extensions

By Wei Yin on 13 Mar 2020
Digital Editor

Eyelash extensions have been gaining popularity among ladies because of how convenient it is (think about not having to apply mascara daily) and how pretty it looks.


Eyelash extensions Japanese stylePhoto from Noorp

However, if you have never gotten your lashes extended before, make sure you read these six things to take note of before getting extensions. If you have decided to get eyelash extensions or wish to change up your extensions style, we have just the guide for you.

This will help you decide on which length, curl and style to go for when getting eyelash extensions.

Read on to find out more!

Which length is suitable for me? 

Different eyelash extensions lengthPhoto from Pinterest

If you wear glasses, our suggestion is to not choose lashes that are too long as they will touch your glasses, making it uncomfortable for you while ruining the shape of the lashes at the same time. For those who don't wear glasses, longer lashes will not affect your daily life.


That's not the only thing to consider, though. Turn sideways and face the mirror, then take a look at your eyes. Are your eyes more protruded or are your eyelids naturally puffier? If so, we recommend going for slightly shorter lashes to avoid making your eyes look even more puffy.

Now, when choosing the length, tell your lash technician your longest preferred lash length and she will mix and match that length with shorter lengths to create a more natural look.

Use the image above as a guide but if you are still worried about choosing the right length, the easiest way is to ask your lash technician for her professional advice!

Which curl will look better on me?

Different curl types for eyelash extensionsPhoto from Pinterest

The most common curl types are J, B, C and D. These curl types get perkier from J to D.

Choose the J curl if you want the most natural look or if your natural lashes are already slightly perky. Choose B for a bit more curl and C if you want to make your eyes appear more lifted. D will give you a mascara effect and widen your eyes.

For the ladies with bigger eyes and double eyelids, we recommend J to C curl for either a natural or slight lifted look. If you have smaller or hooded eyes, B to D curl will be good to widen and lift your eyes according to how obvious you want it to be.


Which style should I go for?

Which eyelash style to go for according to eye shapePhoto from Pinterest

Think about your eye shape before choosing the style of your eyelash extensions. The infographic above perfectly summarises the best eyelash extensions style for different eye shapes.

Some things to keep in mind are: think about whether you want to elongate your eyes, widen them, give the illusion of bigger eyes or bring attention to your eyes.

Classic and russian volume lashesPhoto from Pinterest

Other than the style of lashes, the thickness of the lashes will also require careful consideration.

Classic lashes means one eyelash extension to one natural eyelash. 2D means two eyelash extensions to one natural eyelash and so forth for those that fall under the Russian volume category.

Classic is of course, the most natural one, while 2D onwards is to add more depth to your eyes and create an eyeliner effect. We don't recommend more than 3D for first-timers and not more than 5D for Asian eyes.

However, your preference is ultimately the most important so make sure to do lots of research beforehand and consult your lash technician.

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