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6 Things To Take Note Of Before Getting Eyelash Extensions

6 Things To Take Note Of Before Getting Eyelash Extensions

By Wei Yin on 08 Nov 2019
Digital Editor

Getting eyelash extensions seems to be a popular choice among ladies because of how convenient and pretty it looks.


However, if you are one of those who has never gotten eyelash extensions, you will want to know and take note of these things before making a decision.

Read on to find out more!

#1 Consider your lifestyle and habits

Different types of eyelash extensionsPhoto from Pinterest

Are you someone who likes to rub your eyes? Do you find yourself procrastinating whenever it is time to remove your makeup? Then, eyelash extensions are probably not for you.

Rubbing your eyes will result in premature falling of your eyelash extensions and if you tend to hastily remove your makeup because you are too lazy, then, dirt and grime can easily be trapped between your lashes which may cause eye infection.

But if you are someone who is diligent when it comes to removing your makeup, go ahead and extend your eyelashes!


#2 It will take a bit more time to remove eye makeup 

Using a cotton bud to remove eye makeupPhoto from Pinterest

Because eyelash extensions are stuck onto your natural lashes close to your lash line, it will definitely be more challenging to remove your eye makeup completely.

You will not be able to use a cotton pad to rub your eye, so we recommend dipping a cotton bud into your makeup remover to remove any eyeliner and eyeshadow residue close to your lash line.

#3 It requires more care than your natural lashes

Brush for eyelashesPhoto from Pinterest

When your lashes are wet after showering, use a tissue to lightly dab and absorb the excess water. Then, use one of these brushes (that your lash technician should give you, if not ask for one) to brush your lashes so that it stays in shape for as long as possible.

You would not want your eyelash extensions to go out of shape after spending money on it!


#4 Which style, length and curl to choose

Different types of eyelash extensionsPhoto from Pinterest

There are many styles to choose from ranging from the cat eye look to a more natural-looking style. The length and curl type can also be chosen so make sure you do your research beforehand and choose something you really like.

Otherwise, don't be afraid to ask your lash technician for their opinion as they are professionals who would be able to give you better advice!

#5 It is perfectly normal for your eyelash extensions to fall off

Top shot of eyelashesPhoto from Pinterest

If you find that some of your eyelash extensions have fallen off the next day after getting them done, don't freak out!

It is perfectly normal for them to fall off just like how you lose your natural lashes everyday.

#6 Don'ts after getting eyelash extensions

Eyelash extensions on asian eyePhoto from Pinterest

Avoid using any oil-based products around your eye and that includes an oil-based makeup remover. Oil will dissolve the glue that is keeping your lashes intact.

Do not apply mascara on your eyelash extensions as that will affect the condition of the lashes. In fact, you wouldn't even need to apply mascara after eyelash extensions!

Lastly, if you wish to remove your eyelash extensions, remember to visit your lash technician for a proper removal so as not to damage your natural lashes.

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