8 Steps To Get A Korean-Style HDB Flat That's Stylish & Functional

8 Steps To Get A Korean-Style HDB Flat That's Stylish & Functional

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By Karmen on 08 May 2020
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Apartments in Korea have many similarities to HDB flats in Singapore with the most obvious being the size constraints!

Even with space challenges, Korean interior design seems to be effortlessly stylish while being cosy, comfortable and functional. Once you've nailed the Korean-style look in your bedroom and dining area, it's time to move on to the rest of the house.

Keep reading to check out eight steps to get a Korean-style HDB flat!

#1 Plain white walls

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Set the canvas for your Korean-style HDB flat with white walls and minimal wall decorations.

Too many colours and large decor items can make a small home look cluttered and cramped, so keeping your walls plain is a better idea. It gives your home a crisp, clean look!

#2 Sheer curtains

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One thing that you'll see in nearly every Korean apartment is white floor-length curtains with a sheer material. This adds a softness to the space while allowing natural light to filter through, making your home feel cosy and fresh.

#3 Simple, low furniture

Another key feature of Korean interiors is low furniture. Sitting on the floor is comfortable for Koreans so their furniture caters to this preference and is usually close to the floor.

Furniture should be simple as well, stay away from anything that looks too showy or extravagant. Some classic furniture include sofas with low backs, floor-level bed frames, wooden coffee tables and chairs, and plain, low TV consoles. Stay away from big prints and go for soft neutral colours like grey, cream, and light blues, pinks, yellows and greens.

#4 Sofa against the wall

You might see sofas in the middle of the living room while flipping through interior design magazines, but Korean apartments usually have the sofa placed right against the wall even in more spacious living rooms.

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This creates more space between the sofa and TV for friends and family to sit down on the floor and socialise. If your sofa can only fit two or three people, add some floor chairs for more seating!

#5 Wooden floors

Wooden or laminate wood flooring makes your home feel more cosy and warm while adding some colour! Go for lighter shades to keep that bright airy look in your HDB flat.

#6 Simple, closed kitchen shelving

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Open shelving looks stylish and spacious but it might look cluttered especially if you have a lot of items to store in a small kitchen. Korean kitchen shelving is usually in closed cabinets with simple handles or are handleless as it creates a seamless, minimalist look and it also makes the kitchen easier to clean! 

#7 Unique TV solutions

As the reflective, dark surface of TVs can look cold and out of place in your living room, consider finding alternatives for it. One trend we've seen in Korean interior decor is the use of a projector. The plain white walls will come in handy for this! Small HDB flats will benefit from having a projector instead of a TV. You can easily screen shows and movies in any part of your home and it takes up no space at all.

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Another option is to mount your TV on an easel so it looks like a painting!

#8 Pet-friendly furniture

While some might train their pets to stay off furniture to avoid damaging it, some Korean homeowners purchase pet-friendly furniture and accessories to share everything with their furry friends!

If you don't want to buy new furniture, you could also opt for accessories that help pets use the furniture with more ease like a step stool to the bed or a cat tower that fits next to the sofa.

Check out some of the best Korean interior design Instagram accounts to follow for inspiration!

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