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Inspiring GrabFood Rider Make Deliveries Even With No Hands

Inspiring GrabFood Rider Make Deliveries Even With No Hands

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By Karmen on 04 May 2020
Digital Editor

Delivery drivers deserve more credit for their hard work bringing us meals right to our doorstep during these trying times.


Facebook user Edmund Gan shared a story on 2 May about how his GrabFood delivery was sent by a delivery man who was working and driving a motorbike with a cheerful attitude despite having no hands.

Keep reading to find out more! Edmund, who lives in Malaysia, stated that food deliveries are usually contactless to minimise the spread of the virus. However, during this occasion, this rider who had a friendly voice over the phone requested for assistance to collect his delivery.

Edmund Gan and syahrain fadzil grabfood rider without handsPhoto from Edmund Gan via Facebook

He then went to meet the rider and found out why he needed help bringing the delivery - he had no hands!

Edmund was momentarily frozen on the spot before the rider sensed his shock and joked: "No need to look for them, they're really not there anymore."

It turns out that the rider, Fadzil Syahrain, had an accident in primary school which caused him to lose both hands. Despite this, he is still able to ride a motorbike without any problems!

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Mr Syahrain has a cheerful and optimistic outlook on life, and he's determined to be financially independent and live life to the fullest even with his handicap.

If you're feeling anxious and stressed during these difficult times, we hope that Mr Syahrain's story can inspire you to stay positive and keep persevering!

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