Sephora & Stabilo Team Up To Release Quirky Eyeliners That Look Like Highlighters

Sephora & Stabilo Team Up To Release Quirky Eyeliners That Look Like Highlighters

By Wei Yin on 04 May 2020
Digital Editor

Remember those colourful highlighters that you used to collect and decorate your school notes with?

If you miss using those highlighters, you will be glad to know that Sephora has recently teamed up with Stabilo to release makeup that look like the highlighters we are so familiar with.

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Sephora x Stabilo eyelinersPhoto from Sephora

Don't be fooled by appearances because the newest SEPHORA COLLECTION eyeliners will engulf you in nostalgia and take you down memory lane.

The Sephora x Stabilo Felt Eyeliner comes in four different shades to underline and highlight your eyes. No professional skills required with its tapered applicator for thin and thick lines so everyone can create the perfect winged liner! It will be as easy as using a highlighter to highlight your notes.

01 Ink Splash

Sephora x Stabilo black eyelinerPhoto from Sephora

You will never go wrong with a classic black eyeliner that will define your eyes and make you look instantly more awake.

02 Back To School

Sephora x Stabilo grey eyelinerPhoto from Sephora


Grey eyeliner might sound weird but it's great for changing up your look subtly while making your eyes pop. See our guide on how to rock coloured eyeliners.

03 Chocolate Break

Sephora x Stabilo brown eyelinerPhoto from Sephora

Brown eyeliners are great for those who want something suitable for everyday wear and that will go well with softer eye makeup looks.

04 Summer Holiday

Sephora x Stabilo blue eyelinerPhoto from Sephora

Need an eyeliner for your party looks? Blue is the one!

Each of these quirky eyeliners retail at $15 on Sephora. Get them for yourself or as a gift for a friend.

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