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How I Salvaged My Damaged & Tangled Hair After Living With It For My Entire Youth

How I Salvaged My Damaged & Tangled Hair After Living With It For My Entire Youth

By Amelia on 20 May 2020
Creative Editor

Many women take pride in how they look and hair in its totality contributes to an individual's self-confidence. I am certainly guilty of not taking the time to consider my hair as significant. In addition, keeping up with the latest beauty trends seemed rather irrelevant to me.  I would not bother to comb my hair after coming out of the shower, nor do I apply conditioner or hair serum to enhance the health and beauty of my hair! This in return contributed to extremely dry hair, on top of the numerous times that I've dyed my hair.


This had to change for me as my job required me to be onscreen most of the time. That only meant that I had to tame my lion mane, in other words, my HAIR. Being presentable and professional in front of the camera was of high importance, especially in the media field.  Therefore, changing my habits in relation to self beauty and care was essential. Initially, it wasn't easy for me to start adapting to a routine that would eventually help me achieve luscious locks.

Amelia's Damaged & Tangled Hair Photo from GirlStyle Singapore

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Comb That's Stuck On Damaged Hair Photo from GirlStyle Singapore

During the on-going circuit breaker, I surely had more time than usual to pamper myself and decided to change my hair routine by putting in more effort and care. Firstly, I researched the best hair shampoo online and eventually stumbled upon mise en scène hair products. They are known to be the number 1 hair-care brand in Korea that offers a wide range of hair serums. The brand also sells a 3-minute hair mask pack catered to all the busy ladies out there.

mise-en-scène Hair ProductsPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

After a week of trying the Perfect Serum Shampoo ($12.90), I'm happy to say that I have seen tremendous improvements in my hair in accordance with appearance and texture! I noticed that my hair doesn't tangle as much and my scalp seems less greasy at the end of the day. This is all thanks to Amorepacific's proprietary Targeting Damage Care Technology, which leaves my scalp feeling fresh while being extremely tender to my damaged hair.


I was convinced to try out the other mise en scène products after seeing how my hair had become more moisturised after using the Perfect Serum Shampoo.

I replaced my conditioner with the Perfect Serum 3-minute Salon Mask Pack ($15.90) as I wanted to see visible results from using it in such a short period of time. I would use the 3-minute Salon Mask Pack only on Friday nights to give myself a treat after a stressful day at work. All I had to do was massage the products into my hair and leave it on for about 3 minutes.  I noticed promptly that my hair looked smoother and shinier in a natural manner which I liked. Furthermore, it only takes 3 minutes of my time to achieve the desired results.

misc-en-scene 3 Min Salon Mask PackPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

Even my boyfriend mentioned how silky my hair looked through the video calls I did with him! Who doesn't love a compliment, right?

Silky Hair After Using mise-en-scène Hair ProductsPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

I was impressed by the Perfect Serum Shampoo and 3-Minute Salon Mask Pack that I decided to give the highly-raved Perfect Serum Original ($15.90) a try which was supposed to help hydrate, smooth, and nourish damaged hair. After one use of the Perfect Serum Original, I was able to detangle my hair with ease and it helped to tame some of the frizziness too. 

Perfect Serum mise-en-scènePhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

I continued to use the product for the next three days and it definitely assisted in intensifying damage control, helping me achieve tangle-free hair for the entire day. Additionally, Active 7 x Oil Cocktail that actively includes naturally-derived ingredients such as Argan oil and coconut oil aided in extreme moisturisation and strengthened my damaged hair. You should have seen how happy I was when I could run my fingers down my hair smoothly and easily.


mise-en-scène Before and After HairPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

My hair stayed tangle-free throughout the day and felt very smooth and soft to the touch.

mise-en-scène Styling Serum Photo from GirlStyle Singapore

Other than the Perfect Serum Original, there are other 4 types of serums that can serve for different occasions with the same price ($15.90) - Styling Serum, Perfect Serum (rose edition), and the Coco Water Serum. On days where I had to attend last-minute Zoom call meetings, I would turn towards the Styling Serum to provide a quick fix to my frizzy hair, making my wavy curls look better.

I also realised that I spent less time getting ready for my work video calls which is another great point for women who thrive for products that are time savvy.

mise-en-scène Perfect Rose Serum Photo from GirlStyle Singapore

Although we might be stuck in the circuit breaker now, we can start preparing for a girl's night out with this Perfect Serum (Rose Edition). What I loved about this was the unique uplifting scent of the product presented in the Rose Damask Essential Oils. I really liked the pleasant scent of the serum allowing me to look forward to applying it on my hair for the next ladies' night out.

mise-en-scène Coco Water Serum Photo from GirlStyle Singapore


If you prefer an ultra-light texture, the Perfect Coco Water Serum has a non-sticky, watery texture that does not leave hair greasy nor weigh your hair down. I will apply it before working out or exercising as I would still want to look good even when I'm out running in the park. The best part that I love would be the refreshing, aqua floral scent with zero hints of coconut in it though it contains 200 percent more in coconut oil than the original serum!

Being a newbie, in all the mise en scène serums which I tried, the Rose Fragrance Serum was my absolute favourite because of my fond love for flowers.

mise-en-scène Hair Products Photo from GirlStyle Singapore

While we're cooped up at home, why not try something new and tweak some of your beauty and hair routines? Investing in a good bottle of the best hair serum and hair shampoo / conditioner is essential if you want to keep your hair healthy and beautiful. We are at the prime age of our beauty, so let's not waste it.

mise en scène hair products checked all my boxes, from being affordable to being effective, it's totally worth the time and effort.

Now I can surprise my friends with my silky hair after the circuit breaker ends.

If you have damaged hair like me, don't wait too long to try out this amazing miracle hair product. You can find them at selected Watson retail stores and on its online stores too.

This post is brought to you by mise en scène. 

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