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10 Cartoon Shows To Rewatch For A Dose Of Nostalgia & Childhood Memories

10 Cartoon Shows To Rewatch For A Dose Of Nostalgia & Childhood Memories

By Karmen on 01 May 2020
Digital Editor

Feeling bored of Netflix shows yet? We have a list of our 10 best picks of cartoon shows from our childhood days that will be fun to rewatch as an adult. 


Besides comparing our reaction and opinion of these shows a decade (or decades) later, it's also nice to revel in the good old fashioned 2D animation and reminisce about simpler times. 

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#1 The PowerPuff Girls

The PowerPuff Girls in a heart shape backgroundPhoto from Cartoon Network Studios

This show was giving young children girl power and cuteness at the same time! Which PowerPuff girl are you? 

#2 Scooby-Doo

Scooby-Doo, Velma, Daphne, shaggy Photo from Hanna-Barbera Productions


We're all familiar with the four friends and Scooby-Doo. Take a break from your live action detective shows and rewatch this cartoon detective show!

#3 Courage the Cowardly Dog

Courage the Cowardly Dog, Muriel and eustas in their homePhoto from Cartoon Network Studios

This is one of the few children's TV shows that could be actually scary at times. It tells the story of a cowardly dog ironically named Courage who always ends up saving his two owners despite his reputation.

#4 SpongeBob SquarePants

SpongeBob SquarePants and Patrick star in the crabby paddy restaurantPhoto from Nickelodeon Animation Studio

Who doesn't love SpongeBob? Warning: while rewatching this classic show, you might find yourself relating more to Squidward.

#5 Tom And Jerry


Tom And Jerry chasing and running awayPhoto from MGM Cartoons

You'd be surprised at how satisfying it is to rewatch the never-ending cycle of Tom coming up with plans to harm Jerry and have them fail or backfire.

#6 Dexter's Laboratory

 Dexter's Laboratory and his sister dee deePhoto from Cartoon Network Studios

Remember this boy genius with only one outfit and his sister Dee Dee who always annoys him and ruins his experiments? 

#7 Pokémon

Pokémon ash with charmander and PikachuPhoto from The Pokémon Company International

Gotta watch 'em all, again!


#8 Hey Arnold!

all characters of Hey Arnold! on stepsPhoto from Nickelodeon Animation Studios

Cool art style, funny characters and plot lines that we can relate to or recall even as adults!

#9 Totally Spies!

Totally Spies! girls sitting on a couch or sofaPhoto from Marathon Media

Three girly and badass teenage girls go out on mission as spies and also go through ordinary teen issues. This show has everything from action and gadgets to romance and shopping!

#10 Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon with sailor mars and sailor VenusPhoto from Toei Animation

This anime series follows Usagi, aka Sailor Moon, and other Sailor Soldiers who have magic powers to defend Earth against evil. All 127 episodes were recently released for everyone to watch for free! 

Which one of these will you be rewatching? If you need more entertainment besides movies and dramas, check out some of the best YouTube channels to watch!

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